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Vacation-Rentals Ephesus, called Efes in Turkish, is a grand open air museum site in the tourist centric Aegean Turkey. Among the best places to visit in Turkey, Ephesus is now a remnant of a Greco Roman city that once thrived several centuries back. Following the cult of Artemis/Diana, the city relied mostly on sea trade but was abandoned when the port commerce declined. Now a renowned tourist spot, travelling to Ephesus won’t require much time as the city is fairly small. An Ephesus tour to grab information can be easily designed keeping in mind the preferences of the travelers. If one is travelling with family and there are almost 4-5 members then organizing a private guided tour will be a suitable option. If one is bringing children along then it is even better since the tour can be organized as an educational day long expedition tour. Getting to the city is easy since it is quite close to Seluk and one can even walk from there. Those looking for adventure can relish a nice bike ride into the city as they are available through rental shops. Since the distance is only 4km, picking the right day for a walk is very important. Getting a guided tour is even better since the guide will know everything about every structure in the city so the traveler will be better able to enjoy the tour. Ephesus tour to grab information can be organized to cover other close destinations too such as Kusadasi or Seluk Castle which are located nearby. Hiring a private cab is fairly more expensive but getting a guided tour will help those travelling to acquire some new information about different historically important places. Lunches can be organized in the nearby local cafes and restaurant that serve some really good Turkish cuisine. Since the city is mostly old monuments and preserved structures, accommodation at Ephesus is not an option. On entering the city, one would see numerous remnants and columns of the great doors that were once used by the roman and Greek people living in Ephesus. The most famous sites are not inside the city but instead outside and religiously significant such as the Isa Bey Mosque (amazing architecture), the cave of Seven sleepers, House of virgin Mary, St. Paul’s Burial site, etc. Inside the city, the terrace houses and the Grand theatre are widely visited. The Terrace houses were excavated only some decades back following a joint effort by the archaeological teams of Austria and Turkey. Housing the wealthy of the city, the houses were well decorate with beautiful mosaics on the floor and the walls were adorned with classy fresco designs. The Houses were even intact with proper bathing and heating systems even so many centuries back. The architecture and planning of the city was done exquisitely so a walk through the city is a must for anyone looking for a grand open air museum expedition and new cultures to learn about. Article source: ..sooperarticles../travel-articles/vacation-rentals-articles/ephesus-tours-grab-some-important-information-about-city-1477192.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: