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Travel-and-Leisure The delightful holiday village of St Francis Bay is situated in the midst of green dunes alongside the stunning Bay of St Francis. In this serene area whales and dolphins frolic close to the shore while the sound of gulls can be heard from above. Navigable for 10 km, the Kromme River runs down towards a marina where thatched homes sit adjacent to the crystal clear waters of the canals. The bay has a magnificent white, lightly sloping beach providing safe swimming as well as some of the finest rock and surf angling on the East Coast. Famous for its waves, the bay itself is visited by surfers from all over South Africa and overseas. In the 1960’s a photographer named Bruce Brown searched the world for the perfect wave. He ended up finding it at St Francis Bay, and named it ‘Bruce’s Beauties’. St Francis Bay is one of the world’s great surf spots making it the perfect destination for avid surfers. A small boat harbour lies in a cosy corner of the bay, providing a picturesque setting as well as safe anchorage for calamari boats, pleasure craft and ocean-going yachts. There is also an airport nearby for those who opt to fly in. One of the ‘corners’ of the African coast is marked by St Francis Lighthouse. It was erected so that ships could be alerted to the presence of a reef that protrudes beyond Seal Point, almost a kilometre out to sea. If you go hiking at Sand River you can see the exquisite Crystal Pools. Water in the Sand River flows underground over the hard rocky substrate that underlines the dunes, after heavy rains, the water table rises to form the Crystal Pools. If you are looking to take in some fresh sea air you can enjoy boat cruises around the bay. Theres an abundance of bird and marine life to be discovered including dolphins, penguins and whales. River cruises are taken on a comfortable motor launch and allow you to explore the upper reaches of the Kromme River. For something slightly more lavish, you can take a marina cruise and enjoy an hour-long trip whilst sipping a drink or two as you experience South Africas charm aboard a comfortable cruiser. The Irma Booysen Flora Reserve is about a 5-minute walk from the Cape St. Francis Resort. A peaceful walk through the reserve is a must for all lovers of fynbos. Guests can acquire maps and plant guides from the resorts reception area. The Dunes is an exclusive family-owned retreat set in the quaint St. Francis Bay village. Reminiscent of an old Cape farmhouse, the guest house is encircled by stunning indigenous gardens and sits on an enormous estate rich in coastal fynbos. Whether you are relaxing next to the pool, taking pleasure in bird watching from your private veranda or going on a scenic walking trail with a knowledgeable guide, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable stay at The Dunes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: