Exposed the government to the State Bureau of cultural relics damage case house demolitions – foundi

Exposed the government to the State Bureau of cultural relics damage case house demolitions – founding general Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Zhang Ran) in recent years, cases of illegal enterprises, state organs, institutions and social organizations of multiple legal cultural relics. The day before the deployment of the State Cultural Relics Bureau launched a period of 3 years of "cultural relics legal illegal cases of special rectification action in the country (2016-2018), to prevent the illegal cases severely punished thorough investigation of corporate cultural relics. Yesterday, the State Administration of cultural heritage, the first batch of the handling of cases of exposure. 4 cases are the immovable cultural relics were damaged, demolition case body, a shocking destruction of cultural relics. Our National Cultural Relics Bureau inspector director Liu Mingwei pointed out that the "guidance" of the State Council on Further Strengthening the work of cultural relics of the clear requirements, "the establishment of cultural relics protection liability lifelong accountability system, responsible for leading cadres, regardless of whether it has been promoted or transferred, retired, must be seriously accountable". He pointed out that the 4 legal cases, serious losses of cultural relics, shocking consequences, suspected of criminal cases, the people can not accept, the State Bureau of cultural relics have been sent a letter to the provincial people’s government put forward proposals or inspectors, instructed the provincial cultural relics administrative department to report to the provincial government, and the people’s governments at the level, are currently in the process of investigation in. Liu Mingwei pointed out that "7 key cases clear cultural relics legal illegal cases of special rectification actions, 4 cases involving the destruction of cultural relics damaged body, unauthorized migration dismantling unmovable cultural relics, cultural relics protection scope of construction units protection area for the control of illegal construction, development and construction led to cultural relics disappeared, revolutionary cultural relics and other 5 kinds of types of cases; control the need to improve the 4 cultural relics administrative law enforcement system, exposes the omissions of individual local law enforcement inspections, in case report system. I hope this meeting will be able to become a special rectification action around the start of the charge." Liu Mingwei said that the party committees and governments at all levels should effectively assume the main responsibility for the protection of cultural relics, historical and cultural heritage in awe, establish the protection of heritage is also a scientific concept of achievements. At the same time found illegal destruction of cultural relics of the legal person, the public can call 12359 cultural relics hotline. [cases] 1 KMT-CCP Cooperation negotiations site location: Hubei town government illegal demolition of heritage site cover steel building in Hubei province "Hong’an Qiliping revolutionary site", in 1988 the State Council announced the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units, composed of oyuwan Soviet government site, the KMT-CPC cooperation negotiations site 37 heritage buildings. Among them, the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the negotiation site is located in Qilipingi town red road, Zhuanmujiegou, miankuo 3, deep into the 1 single eaves hard top, Bois bedrolls, an area of 75 square meters, the property rights of the government and management of Qiliping town of Hong’an County belonging. The day before, the State Cultural Relics Bureau received a report from the masses, "the Hong’an Qiliping revolutionary site" in the "cooperation negotiations site was illegal demolition. The investigation, in June this year, the continuous rainfall caused "the KMT-CPC cooperation negotiations site" ontology building damaged part of the roof collapsed, the collective Qiliping town of Hong’an county Party committee and government, from the town government in June 23rd will be the site of the construction unit, the removal of all, leaving only part of building components, at the beginning of the July in the old.相关的主题文章: