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Fifty years, the history of the evolution of Japanese sports car – Sohu car this article is to ask a car to share the original article, from the writer Wang thin. When a new generation of Honda (Acura) NSX announced its $150 thousand price, another car manufacturing in half a century ago, the Japanese car Toyota 2000GT, at an auction record of $1 million 150 thousand in price, which is almost 170 times the original price. From Toyota 2000GT to a new generation of NSX for fifty years, is also the Japanese sports car design from followers to lead the next fifty years. 1960s: the origin of Toyota 2000GT (1967-1970) Japan’s first real sense of the Supercar century 60s Japanese cars have begun to move towards the world stage, but the car is still the European brands in the world, although Japan has sports car Datsun Sports this kind of models, but weak power (maximum output in 1959 launched the first S211 models only 36 horsepower) and cannot be counted as a true sports car. Toyota 2000GT is determined to change this situation is actually Nissan. In 1963, Nissan found Yamaha joint design of a true sports car. Responsible for the design of German American designer Albrecht Goertz, who is a famous car designer Raymond Loewy disciples, BMW had to design BMW503 and BMW507, have been designed to work in Porsche. Of course, Albrecht Goertz prototype car with a strong European flavor. In the shape of a design is almost complete, Yamaha also completed the design of machinery, but Nissan had played drums retreat. Unwilling to Yamaha and then threw an olive branch to Toyota. Toyota took over the work of Nissan, and sent his own designer Satoru Nozaki to improve the shape of 2000GT. Toyota 2000GTSatoru Nozaki final design a lot of reference to the elements of the Jaguar E-Type, including slender front, as well as Jaguar E-Type iconic coke bottle body line. Although the design of Toyota 2000GT lights, bumpers and other details from Toyota Sport 800, but Toyota 2000GT was still considered to be suspected of plagiarism. Toyota 2000GT final output of only 351 (excluding special purpose vehicle) Toyota 2000GT, officially unveiled the glorious history of the Japanese sports car. 1970s: by seeing the arc to line their own 2000GT by their own hand give, Nissan also started his car plan, also is has been extended to today’s Z series. 240Z Datsun early.相关的主题文章: