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Computers-and-Technology There are various factors to consider when examining cordless drills. All the different factors cause the decision on which cordless drill is best for you to be even harder. Let’s begin with the fundamentals: Build Quality When I state "build quality," I am talking about the ability of the drill’s components to endure well over time and usage. Should the drill not have a superior electric motor, it may "burn up" under continued use. Similarly, the clutch, which permits the drill to achieve different factors of torque, may begin to slip or break. Further, there are switches on a drill and you want these to last. To some degree, it is possible to evaluate the build quality by simply holding the drill in your hands. Items which "look cheap" generally will be. However, I think that the build quality is best evaluated by studying some reviews online. Build quality will disclose itself in time and with the resources of the internet you can reap the benefit of other people’s experience. Drill Characteristics The best cordless drill must possess at minimum the features we expect, but it does not need to have all the "bells and whistles," particularly if they are not necessary for you. We all expect a keyless chuck, permitting you to exchange bits using only your hands, without an additional tool. The best cordless drill must have a keyless chuck, one which does not allow the bit to slip. A fine characteristic for a drill to have is a clutch. This feature will let you set a specific torque for your tool in order to avoid tightening screws too much, which will strip them. Clutches are also fairly standard on a drill. Additionally, it’s helpful to have a multi-speed drill. Access to more than one speed will let you use a high speed with low torque or the other way around, which means you can use the drill for more projects. An additional feature that has been found in newer drills is an LED light. This is very convenient when working in poor light. But this is a luxury, not a necessity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: