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UnCategorized An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a form of debt management plan set up to deal with personal debt and deal with the issue of personal insolvency. We are licensed to give IVA help and do so on the basis that Individual voluntary arrangements were not designed to be one-size-fits-all remedies to any financial problem, as individual circumstances can vary so much. The needs of one household or one individual may be vastly different from the needs of another. Any IVA help given must take into account the diverse nature of the situation in which people find themselves. Normally an IVA will be set to run for five years and after the term has .pleted all debt is cleared from a person’s credit profile. During all this time none of the creditors are allowed to pursue the debtor. The IVA carries with it all the benefits of sequestration and none of the disadvantages. An IVA will write off most of your debt at the start of the plan (although beware of the exaggerated claims in some advertising: it is seldom more than 60 or 65% of total unsecured debt which can be canceled). All good IVA help of this nature will ensure you get optimum results with the lowest monthly repayments together with the greatest percentage of debt written off at the outset. Please note that an IVA is quite different from a so-called debt consolidation loan which only serves to get people into more debt and also, of course, increase the number of creditors! Such a loan will make people feel happier for a couple of years until the noose tightens even worse than before, and the nightmare of debt will begin again. The only way to banish debt for good is to act now and apply for a long term sensible solution like an IVA. There are quite a few .panies offering IVA help and advice, and one thing people should be aware of is that quite a few of these firms are not reputable at all. The ones to be avoided with most speed are the ones which phone you up at home or at work on a cold-calling opportunity. Especially irksome are the sorts of .pany that uses auto dialing software so that usually you end up listing to a long silence. Such .panies are to be avoided at all costs, and if anyone makes an unsolicited attempt to get you to sign up with them then they should be given a wide berth. So get some impartial and independent IVA help and advice which is right for your own personal situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: