Finest 7 Classic Deer Hunting

UnCategorized Lever action rifles have always dominated deer hunting for a very long time, big game hunters had a penchant for the old flat sided Marlin and Winchester rifles chambered for 30-30 win, but these aren’t the only lever action guns to enjoy considerable success with deer hunters, below are other classic designs worth their weight in gold. Marlin Model 336 Marlin’s Model 336 is one of the most successful lever-action rifles in history – and deservedly so. Whether chambered for 30-30 Win or the harder-hitting 35 Remington, the 336 provides a strong, smooth, well-designed action in a rifle that is a pleasure to carry and shoot. Side ejection and a solid top allow for easy, solid scope mounting above the bore. Browning BLR Browning’s BLR, released in 1971, is their offering to lever action lovers, and it has gained quite a following with some hunters. The rotating bolt allows for positive lockup, and side ejection makes scope mounting a breeze. The detachable box magazine also makes it a standout rifle. Chamberings from 22-250 by 450 Marlin. Marlin Models 1895 & 444 Marlin big-bore lever-action guns are just as good as the smaller 336 – and they should be, since they are simply scaled-up versions of the same gun. Chambered for 45-70 (Model 1895) or 444 Marlin, these guns pack a wallop, and will handle tougher game than their smaller antecedent. These full-grown lever guns are some of the most dependable and precise. Marlin Model 1894 Marlin’s Model 1894 is a bit unique than their other lever guns but just as good. Instead of the round bolt found on those above, the 1894 has a flat-sided bolt that sits flush with the receiver, offering a solid top and side ejection for proper scope mounting. Three chamberings: 357 Mag/38 Special, 41 Rem Mag, and 44 Rem Mag/44 Special. Ruger Model 96/44 Ruger’s Model 96/44 is a sweet rifle. Though it looks a lot like the old favorite Model 44, the 96 has a detachable rotary magazine instead of the tubular mag found on its semi-automatic predecessor. Side ejection and solid top receiver for scope mounting. My experience indicates this is a very smooth and accurate little gun, excellent for close-cover brush hunting. Chambered for the 44 Rem Mag. Winchester/USRAC Model 94 When it was last being built, the Winchester Model 94 was probably the most-recognized lever-action rifle in the world still in production and widespread use. While not as inherently smooth or strong as the Marlin Model 336, the Model 94 has a loyal following, and it has done the job for many years. .mon .plaints include the open-top receiver which makes scope mounting undesirable. Chamberings from 30-30 Win to 480 Ruger. Manufacture of these rifles was discontinued in 2006. Savage Model 99 Though it is now discontinued, the Savage 99 is a rifle that broke the mold for lever-action rifles. The rotary magazine (later a detachable box mag) allows for the use of pointed bullets, unlike the tubular magazines often found on lever guns. The action is both strong and smooth, with a wide and hand-filling receiver rather than the tall and slim style found on the Marlin 336 and Winchester 94. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: