Food Poisoning Is Widespread In Hostels,hotels,.munal

The dirinking water which is contaminated by the poisionous chemicals is the main reason to cause the Food poisioning. Normally, Food poision can be taken place in hostels, hotels and some festival seasons . As we can see various places that a group of people will be affected by similar symptoms by taking the same food before a few hours . Types of food poisoning 1) Dangerous Bacteria Triggers Food Poisioning: Here the micro organisms called bacteria are responsible.The food can be tainted by the bacteria or the toxin produced by the bacteria. 2) Non bacterial food poisoning: The key pollutants in this type of food poisioning are fertilizers,insectisides and heavy metals. Since bacterial food poisoning is .mon it is discussed here. Food Poisioning Caused By Bacteria: All bacteria are not dangerous.We can find some pathogenic bacteria, which are verymuch unsafe to the health.All these bacteria will enter into the human body through food and water . How does Food Poisioning Trigger? 1) Presence of bacteria in the water. 2) The infected raw material of the food by bacterial toxins. 3) Premises where the food is prepared may contain micro organisms or toxins. 4) The cookers may be suffering fron some dangerous diseases. 5) Eating of the food which is tainted by the animals like Rats and Dogs. Some General bacterial food poisonings. 1) Salmonella Bacterial Infection can cause Food Poisioning: There are three distinctive varieties of salmonella bacteria.(salmonella typhimurium,salmonella cholera suis,salmonella enteritidis). These bacteria are present in milk, milk products and eggs. The .mon symptoms for this type of food poisioning are nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Fever is also .mon. 2) Botulism: This is the dangerous type of food poisoning caused by clostridium botulinum. The spores of these organisms are seen in the soil and enters the human body through pickles and canned fish ect..pared to other food poisonings here vomiting and diarrhoea are rare Mainly the nervous system is affected.The symptoms starts with double vision,numbness with weakness.Later there will be paralysis with cardiac and respiratory failure ending in death. 3) Staphylococcal food poisoning: It is caused by staphylo coccus aureus. These organisms generally cause skin troubles like boils and eruptions.It causes mastitis in cow.Through the milk and milk products it enders and causes gastroenteritis.There will be vomiting,abdominal cramps with diarrhoea. 4) Closteridium food poisoning: This is caused by closteridium perfringens.They are existing in stool,soil and water. They enter the body through,meat,meat dishes and egg ect.If food articles are cooked and kept in room temperature for a long time and heated again before eating can result this food poisoning.Symptoms include vomiting ,diarrhoea and abdominal cramps. 5) Bacillus cereus: The spores of these organisms can live cooking and causes enteritis. Diarrhoea and vomiting is .mon in this infection. How to Examine Food Poisoning? 1) Examine each and every person affected. 2) make sure all the tests are accurately done. 3) Places like kitchen and store room should be investigated well 4) The cook and food handlers should be questioned and examined. Get rid of Food pisioning by Using Below Methods:- 1) The drinking water should be pure. 2) Waring masks and gloves are very important while cooking and serving. 3) Sick individuals should not .e in acquaintance with food materials. 4) Kitchen and premises should be neat and clean. 5) All the containers should be cleaned with soap and hot water before cooking. 6) Do not leave the food at room temparature for longer time. 7) All food materials should be kept in congested containers. 8) Get rid of Rats and Dogs and make sure they will not .e close to kitchen. 9) Clean the vegetable before cooking. I hope the information on food poisoning symptoms will help you be very careful about this life threatening health issue. Egg White Weight Loss Diet: A Pasteurized Solution For The Health By: Bonham Forshage – Egg whites are the perfect ingredients to help you to lose weight. This is best because unlike other diet food, it tastes best. 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