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Fran Capo is a single mom of her loving, teenage son, Spencer who was raised watching her mother prepare her comedy gigs and practice her acting skills with small roles in movies. Fran has at least three talents that we know of. She is an author of several books, comedian(which includes fast talking) and actor. She is unique in that she believes in herself. She claims that she has experienced several miracles in her life. One such miracle she believes occurred at about 4 A.M recently. She was awoken by a voice in her head telling her, ”Fran get up. You have to get up and write this story.” At first Fran thought she was dreaming, maybe she was. She heard the voice again, ”you have to get up now and write this story. I will help you.” Fran listened to the voice, awoke and began to write her novelette about angels and divine intervention she has named, ‘Hopeville,’ The City of Light. She had no idea what she was writing, she claims.She just kept scribbling in one of her son’s school notebooks and in just over three hours the story was completed. This is the short story Fran is now shopping in the hopes of her seeing it made into a best selling children’s book and perhaps also made into a children’s movie. It is a story about needing purpose in your life and it is also about being a vital part of the community so your angel candle burns bright with a warm glow and vibrant color. Why or how is this all possible that an author, comedian, stand up comic, motivational speaker, fast talker, adventurer, actress, and ordained minister can accomplish all this? The answer is simple: Fran keeps on keeping on in her belief in herself and her divine inspiration she believes she possesses. She believes that she can succeed in every challenge she sets her body and mind to. Fran has been named, ”motor mouth’ and ”fast talker extraordinaire’ by the Associated Press. She has been clocked as the world’s fastest, female, fast talker. She can speak at an amazing 603.32 words per minute and holds the woman’s world record. That breaks down to 11 words a second. Fran has so far, appeared on over 250 TV shows including Good Morning America, Larry King Live, where she broke the fast talking female record and Last Call with Carson Daly. She has appeared on Inside Edition, ET, Ripley’s Believe it or Not & More than Human, Fox News and most recently on Nickelodeon’s Hi Jinx. She has also been on more than 1000 radio shows including Howard Stern, Scott & Todd (WPLJ) and others. Fran has performed her comedy in major venues and Stand up Clubs like, Carolines, Grand Ole Opry, Dangerfield’s, the Las Vegas Tropicana, and even overseas for the Marines in Okinawa. Her novelty rap record, Rappin Mae (a parody of Mae West set to rap) was well received when she toured with LL Cool J and the Fat Boys. She has done many commercials for Nissan, MCI, GE Capital, 1-800-Flowers and Warner Brothers. Fran has also done voice overs for cartoons and movies such as, Lonely in America with Spike Lee and The Care Bears. Her movie career is only just beginning. She has recently appeared in only small roles so far but that will no doubt soon change. She has been in movies like, Sunday, the 1997 Sundance Film Festival Winner and is more recently just completed, The Sign of the Cross, by John Reidi. In The Sign of the Cross she plays a fast talking real estate agent and the movie won the Pocono’s and Long Island Film festivals best picture awards. Many authors have already profiled her in show business success stories including Comic Lives by Betsy Borns, Tricks of the Trade by Jerry Dun, and Revolutionary Laughter by Roz Warren. She is a regular on the motivational circuit speaking in front of Fortune 100 Corporations with her lecture called, Dare to do it. She is also available for children’s programs with her, ‘Nothing is Impossible Tour,’ for 5th graders and up. Fran is also an author and inspirationalist with her works appearing on numerous internet sites and the reknowned, Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul and the Random House book, Life’s a Stitch. Her many books include subjects as diverse as comedy to history and some titles include: Fran’s Fractured Fairy Tales, It Happened in New York, Almost a Wise Guy, It Happened in New Jersey and Adrenaline Adventures. She has received honors and awards from the City Of New York for being a renaissance woman and motivational presence and inspiration to all. She had a day, September 28, 2004 set aside in her honor by New York City Council Member, Joseph Adabbo and received a plague from the city. No challenge is too great for Fran. She is a natural publicist always seeking to dare to go where others only dream of following. Some of her challenges have included some very risky adventures. For example she has bungeed, swam with sharks, flown combat aircraft, sky dived, fire walked on burning coals. She even went gold digging (panning for gold) in Jimtown California where she was, of course, one of only a few people this year to find a valuable gold nugget She recently did the unthinkable by first climbing to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro along with her son and then dedicating her new book, Adrenaline Adventures there. Fran even signed a few of her books for some extremely dedicated fans on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa. This was sponsored by her publisher, AuthorHouse, and Snickers Marathon Energy Bars. At that book signing she received world media attention and attracted fans and more sponsors like Ripley’s and her loyal publisher and already sponsor, AuthorHouse publishers. Her sponsors all agreed to sponsor her for her most dramatic and dangerous adventure yet, to dive down to the bottom of the ocean to the wreck of the Titanic. About a year ago, daredevil, Fran Capo and a team of experts set out on their dangerous adventure to visit the sunken remains of that ill fated cruise ship site at 12,340 feet below the ocean. It was there that Fran set another world record. She went down in the same submersible that movie great, James Cameron also used to explore the Titanic. Fran embarked aboard the Russian ship RV Keldysh, which had been studying the Titanic wreck 320 miles southwest of St. John’s Newfoundland in Canada. On board the Russian craft the Mir One, a two person submersible, Fran and a pilot were submerged for 12 hours in a death defying stunt. ”We went down 12,400 feet where the ocean is totally black,” Fran said. ”There was six tons of pressure on each square inch of the sub, so even if there is one pinprick hole a laser beam of ocean water pressure entering that pinhole, if there is one, could slice you in half,” Fran said. There was no bathroom and no escape. They wouldn’t have been able to send a rescue ship down that far to save us if something went wrong.” Only 180 people, including Fran Capo so far in the world have ever been down that great depth to see the wreck of the Titanic. More people have been to outer space than have been down to the ocean bottom to see the Titanic. In addition, she recently became an ordained minister so she could say a universal, non-denominational prayer for those lost on the Titanic. Fran said a memorial at sea at that depth so that those who perished on that ill fated day back in April 15, 1912 could finally be set free to rest in peace. This Titanic adventure will be mentioned in her forthcoming, Adrenaline Adventures Two which is due out next April. She also set another world record by signing books from the highest peak to the deepest depth, called,’ Top of the World to the Depth of the Sea,’ which will appear in Ripley’s Believe it or not Planet Eccentric book that will appear in the Oct 2007 edition. Fran has recently been cast in a new movie, called, Eddie Monroe, where she will play a fast talking waitress and is planning a new adventure with further plans and adventures like heading to Churchill, Canada to join the Polar Bears on their winter migration. About the Author: Mark is a writer and journalist and also holds weekend getaway at his Hampton estate for writers and others to ‘unblock.’ For more on Mark go to: and type in ”Mark P. Greenstein” – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: