Galaxy S8 more than VR will also be equipped with AI digital assistant – Sohu digital kairui

Galaxy S8 has more than VR will be equipped with AI digital assistant digital Samsung Electronics Co Ltd – Sohu said on Sunday it will launch in Galaxy  AI digital assistant S8, Samsung last month announced the acquisition of Viv  Labs, the latter is an apple Siri voice assistant project developers joint operations. Samsung intends to Viv  (Labs) AI platform – Viv, embedded into the Galaxy series of smart phones, and will extend this functionality to home applications and wearable devices.         Samsung’s executive vice president, Rhee , Injong, pointing to Samsung’s AI digital assistant in the briefing, said: "developers can connect and upload services to Samsung’s agent. Even if Samsung Electronics Company does not do anything, the additional services, the agent will get more new services and easily available to the end user."         Samsung also hopes to embed its devices in AI technology, from mobile phones to refrigerators. Google launched the new Pixel smartphone equipped with the voice of the United States to strengthen the company’s digital assistant, which apparently makes Samsung feel the urgency of the situation.         Samsung said it would strengthen its capabilities in AI and other software through more acquisitions.相关的主题文章: