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Internet-and-Business-Online Every person longs for more website traffic. In fact for many Internet entrepreneurs, directing traffic to their internet site is their number one business. And while traffic may be all well and good, what you actually want is to get targeted website traffic. You want the people going to your website to be potential prospects. You need them to be .pletely into what your website is about, not tire kickers or looky loos. Here are seven powerful techniques to ensure you get targeted website traffic. 1) PPC Advertising Of course, not all PPC ads result in targeted traffic. You must analyze your target market and cook up keyword-specific advertisements that deliver traffic to a web site connected to the ad. For a web site about puppy training where they have to dig to uncover your potty training information, you are not delivering the right kind of targeted website traffic to the best place. Send them straight to your potty training product sales letter. 2) Classified Advertising Take advantage of the exact same advice and techniques as with PPC advertising above. 3) Squeeze Page – Opt-In List – Targeted Email .bination A squeeze page is at it’s root a way to capture the email addresses of consumers who are actually interested in acquiring your info. Yes, they may likely be after your free offer, but that is ok. They are still a good lead. Once you have their email address, you can begin giving them educational, .pelling and slightly promotional bulletins, all of which are produced to send them right to your site. 4) Article Marketing Article marketing is one of the most successful ways to get targeted website traffic. When you create outstanding content, and it gets shared online on article directory sites and republished on various web pages, you’re touching a bigger audience. The link (s) in your article and in your bio box can all help you get targeted website traffic right back to your web site. The greater amount of articles you distribute, the more targeted website traffic you create. It’s an un.plicated formula. 5) Blogging and Guest Blogging Make use of the exact same re.mendations and plan as with article marketing above. 6) Social Networking Social networking can bring loads of traffic to your website simply because individuals are curious about you and your business venture. However, if you’re strategic about your social networking process you will occasionally include links to your website with attention-grabbing articles or topics. This will generate more targeted website traffic for your business. 7) Blog and Forum .ments On practically all forums and blogs when you join in and make valuable .ments you can add a link to your site in your signature. This does result in curious individuals who just want to know "who said that ?!" Nonetheless, when you take part in forums and blogs that are relevant to your web site and industry niche, you are going to also get targeted website traffic as a result. You can moreover try different approaches like posting reviews on web sites and directories for products connected with your target market and include a link to your web site in your review profile. A fantastic example of this would be posting a review on Amazon… You can post answers on Yahoo! Answers and you can post video clips or podcasts on web directories and drive targeted website traffic to your business, much like you would with article marketing. There are an abundance of creative ways to get targeted website traffic. You should really emphasize this because this is definitely where the money is located in any niche. Evaluate your traffic-generating plans and tactics to ensure that you are sending the perfect kind of traffic to your web site. The ideal type of traffic are individuals primed and set up for your content. Now you know where to find them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: