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The grassroots atmosphere the Sohu news Qianlong news the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the party decided to build a socialist cultural power, "Tong Zhen past" a book came into being in the construction of socialist culture and power of the call, gratifying! "Tong Zhen past" with "stories, back history" way of writing memoirs, is a popular book, rich in content, profound meaning, illustrations, attract readers, is the modern Encyclopedia of a town. I read the past through the town, the book has the following characteristics. First, strong local flavor. It is the performance of the pastoral style, lake water, river water, ferry bridge, Village Road, bamboo trees…… Write the story is really not the king, edifice, heavy traffic, scene of debauchery, romantic. Second, deep feelings of the people. The performance figures are farmer, fishing village children, rural children’s hard work, the passions, rural teachers, rural doctors and helping people to make a living, people really love, mutual aid, neighborhood, in the kernel for beauty. Third, the sharp edge of the battle. "The past" Tong Zhen Japs brutality, Kuomintang corruption, rampant traitors bandits and other typical events, there are detailed records. At that time, to provoke the Chinese Anti Japanese resistance, not afraid of violence, and drive the Japanese, in killing traitors, ashes, usher in the liberation war, are described in very realistic, touching, it teaches us not to forget history, cherish peace and happiness today. Fourth, "common neixiu. The author is the ordinary rural cadres, teachers, business staff, retired civil servants, the town in the past dialect and doggerel sorting into the book, easy to understand, is fast, the summer home of the big seven big daguokui, eight not stuttering, Xia Jia daguokui small and small, three four mouth mouthful…… But as the Neixiu, after scholars pen run, meets the passionate, profound philosophy, draw attention to the P. Especially the "first" our English, "Mianyang reincarnation" and other articles, especially from the component, scholars and literature in deep capable hands, should the income Mianyang county and Xiantao city. In addition, "Tong Zhen past" of historical figures and deep mining, the Hanvon Chen Youliang place of birth, through the town of Lake row family background, parents’ occupation, personal character career, made detailed textual research and narrative, emphasizes the Ming Dynasty historian Tong Chengxu of Hanvon I. The glorious image of Chen Youliang, reducing the peasant uprising leader anti hero Chen Youliang, Yuan Tong Town, is the pride of the people, is the pride of the people of xiantao! I read English with our "first", wrote "praise" and "pull" two poems (see attached). Culture is the foundation of civilization and the gene of civilization. To speed the development of the socialist economy, we must vigorously develop the socialist culture, Haikou party and government leading comrades on the one hand with one hand and economic construction, cultural development, is the vision of "past", recommended Tong Zhen creation organizer, the formation of the creative group, organized and planned in the articles of association, under the leadership of the Party committee, "continued Tong Zhen past" two, three…… Through the construction of Haikou into the southwest of Xiantao by the king相关的主题文章: