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Hainan "migratory birds" with Butler in September 20th, Haikou City Xiuying District Road, "migratory bird house" Ma Yijie counted the "migratory birds" home key, planned for the inspection, to clean the house. Hainan is richly endowed by nature natural conditions, attracting more and more "migratory birds" and "migratory birds", a huge crowd. But the birds are faced with a wide range of life issues, such as the empty house left no one management, problems often occur, such as mushrooms, often damaged house appliances, housing water typhoon cases have occurred. Ma Haonan is one of these problems for years "migratory birds". "I began to frequent trips to Beijing and Haikou, from 2010 to summer, winter is in big trouble, I once winter returned to Haikou and entered the house, Montreal cockroaches, musty smell blowing, the original seal bedding also musty." He said that he wanted to be like him "migratory birds" to Hainan, regardless of work or life, have a better life, the fastest switching back to the mainland, also in peace, even if the typhoon is not to worry about the house in Hainan. It is understood that the "migratory bird house" is a set of big data + Mobile Internet home service, to around the birds to provide more intimate and comfortable life, housekeeping inspections, routine cleaning and taking care of the plants, cultural, entertainment and other services are available to private custom". Birds steward responsible person, "a greater demand for migratory birds, the future of this house steward service mode or will become a trend, far away in the field of" migratory birds "through Internet orders and query service results, very convenient. (reporter Yuan Chen)

海南“候鸟”有了专职管家     9月20日, 海口市秀英区长滨路,“候鸟管家”马逸杰清点“候鸟”家的钥匙,准备按计划去巡查、清理房屋。   海南有着得天独厚的自然条件,吸引着越来越多的“候鸟”,并且“候鸟”人群庞大。但“候鸟”们面临着各种各样的生活问题,比如留下的空房子没人管理,经常会出现问题,例如房子长蘑菇、家电常损坏,台风天房屋进水等情况时有发生。   马浩楠就是一个被这些问题困扰多年的“候鸟”。“我从2010年开始频繁地往返北京海口两地,夏天还好,冬天就麻烦大了,有一次我冬天回到海口,一进家门,满地蟑螂,发霉的味道扑面而来,原本密封的被褥也发了霉。”他说,他希望像他一样的“候鸟”来到海南,不论是工作上还是生活上,都有一个最好的生活状态,最快的切换,回到内地也安安心心,即使台风天也不再为海南的房子而担心。据了解,“候鸟管家”是一整套大数据+移动互联的家宅服务, 旨在给各地的候鸟们提供更贴心的舒适生活,管家巡查、常规清洁、照顾绿植、文化交流、娱乐等服务都可进行“私人定制”。   候鸟管家相关负责人介绍,“候鸟管家”的需求较大,今后这种家宅服务的模式或将成为趋势,远在外地的“候鸟”可通过互联网下单和查询服务结果,十分方便。(记者 袁琛)相关的主题文章: