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Han Han restaurant stores have been shut down unlicensed involving serious rodent – restaurant operating table, health worrying. Original title: Han Han’s restaurant in the South Branch was shut down the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Zou Chanjuan Yao Linxuan) have a backing is not small restaurant in the south, the name "nice to meet you," is Han Han’s own brand, but on Friday by the Wuhan Municipal Food and drug administration is not included in the "glad to meet you" one of the restaurant, because unlicensed, serious rodent, was closed directly. The Bureau of administrative micro-blog: food safety, no matter how much you touched the bottom line, as long as the health of consumers, we must reform and close. The food and drug administration administrative micro-blog was put on the examination of the video of the restaurant: 1, 2 employees, operating without a license; personal items misplacing; 3, not in accordance with the provisions of staff dressed in overalls; 4, ice machine is not in accordance with the provisions of cleaning and maintenance; 5, serious rodent, warehouse shelves around the top of the mouse shit, some food packaging bags have been bitten by rats, and even some on the table can see the mouse droppings. The law enforcement officers found mouse droppings in the restaurant. This restaurant decoration style small and fresh, has been operating for almost a year, but the law enforcement officers to the restaurant, asked to produce food business license, but can not get out. Until law enforcement officers checked after the person in charge of the kitchen, the restaurant also can not take out the certificate. So, law enforcement officers on the spot "glad to meet you," the restaurant, stop water and electricity breathe processing business. The food and Drug Administration spokesman said, whether you are a star to open the shop, or the ordinary people to open the shop, whether it is high-end restaurants or roadside shops, as long as related to food safety, the Wuhan Municipal Food and Drug Administration will be treated equally, in accordance with the provisions of rewards and punishments. "Nice to meet you" is a brand for Shanghai Ye catering Catering Management Co., Ltd., the company was founded in 2014, is Han Han in Shanghai and others co founded in 2014, opened its first restaurant in Shanghai, the main creative dishes. Today, has been in Shanghai, Nanjing and other places to open a number of stores, stationed in Wuhan in 2015, in the middle of the road to set up the first exchange 68. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: