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Hangzhou stores have been fined 110 yuan because they nailed a few nails on the tree, and the lights were hung on the branches with wire. During holidays, many residents and tourists will go to qingzhiwu live Hostel, farm goods dishes, slow life experience. Some stores in order to operate lighting, the idea hit the shop in front of the trees, resulting in a fine. Recently, Hangzhou Xihu District Urban Management Bureau squadron Lingyin daily patrols in qingzhiwu, high-power lights suddenly found a sweet scented osmanthus tree a B & B in front of a bright "eyes" — an area of more than 200 square centimeters. The lamp was hung on the branch with a wire, and the white wire was fixed on the tree trunk with seven or eight nails. "Qingzhiwu night business is good, some stores will be put on the table in the yard also attract guests. This lamp is used by the store to light the guests who are dining outside." The inspectors found that, over a similar situation in qingzhiwu is common, almost every inspection can be seized since two or three, but with the focus on remediation in more than 1 years, this situation has not much. You can’t nail a tree, it’s against the rules." The inspectors told the shopkeeper. The owner argued that the nail stuck only in the bark, and it wouldn’t hurt the tree. "Bark is a very important part of the tree. There is a layer of bast beneath the epidermis, which is used to transport organic matter and nail it at will. It is very damaging to the tree. Once the phloem is destroyed, the tree will die seriously." The team members explained to the parties, and pointed out that his behavior violated the regulations of Hangzhou Municipality on the administration of urban greening. According to the "Regulations" management city greening in Hangzhou City twenty-first article (two) provisions, the public can not tie, nail, carved, zoned, circle trees, prohibit stripping bark damage behavior of city greening. Because the owner of the rectification behavior is relatively timely, but also with the law enforcement work, belongs to a lighter plot, fined 110 yuan. In fact, not only businesses, in many areas of Hangzhou, you can see the nail in the tree behavior. Some people nail nails and mops on the trees; some residents nail nails to hang clothes; and some residents tie clothes between two trees. The squadron Lingyin area where the trees are also reminded by the "Protection Ordinance" green management in Hangzhou City, so this behavior is not allowed.

杭州有店家因在小区树上钉了几个钉子 被罚110元 照明灯用铁丝挂在树枝上。每逢假日,不少市民和游客都会去青芝坞住民宿,品农家菜肴,体验慢生活。有的店家为了经营照明,将主意打到了店前的树木上,结果挨了罚款。近日,杭州西湖区城管局灵隐中队在青芝坞进行日常巡逻,突然发现一家民宿前的一棵桂花树上多了个亮闪闪的“眼睛”——一盏面积超过200平方厘米的大功率照明灯。这盏照明灯用铁丝挂在树枝上,白色的电线用七八颗钉子固定在了树干上。“青芝坞晚上的生意不错,有的店家在院子里也会摆上餐桌招揽客人。这个照明灯,就是店家为了给在室外吃饭的客人照明用的。”城管队员小陈说,过去类似的情况在青芝坞比较常见,几乎每次巡查都能查获两三起,但是随着1年多来的集中整治,这样的情况已不多了。“树上不能钉钉子,这样做是违反规定的。”城管队员告诉店主。店主辩解称钉子只扎树皮里,不会伤到树。“树皮是树相当重要的部分,表皮下面有一层韧皮层,用来运输有机物质,随意钉钉子,对树的损伤真的很大。一旦韧皮层受到破坏,严重的会导致树木死亡。”队员一面向当事人讲解,同时指出他的行为违反了《杭州市城市绿化管理条例》。根据《杭州市城市绿化管理条例》第二十一条第(二)项规定,市民不能拴、钉、刻、划、围圈树木,禁止剥刮树皮等破坏城市绿化的行为。由于店主的整改行为比较及时,也配合执法工作,属于情节较轻,被处以110元的罚款。其实不仅仅是商家,在杭州的许多小区,都能看到在树上钉钉子的行为。有的居民在树上钉个钉子挂拖把;有的居民钉个钉子挂衣服;还有的居民在两棵树之间绑根绳子晒衣服。灵隐中队提醒,小区里的树木也都受到《杭州市城市绿化管理条例》保护,因而上述这样的行为都是不允许的。相关的主题文章: