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UnCategorized Are you thinking about getting rid of your old standard definition television? Are you thinking about purchasing an HDTV, but don’t know it it’s worth it? Your decision to switch to a new TV will be determined by a number of factors, but will .e down to two issues: Is the purchase price worth money and will it make a difference in programming? Simply stated an HDTV is a newer type of television that deliveries programming in higher resolution than what has been .mercially available for the last thirty or forty years. The latest models of these HD sets are equipped with internal tuners that automatically pick up and display standard (SD) or high (HD) definition signals. If you have not had a chance to .pare an SD set against an HD set, the differences are remarkable. You will be blown away that such clear and stable images are available on your home television. The primary reason HDTV pictures look considerably clearer and crisper than standard TV is the higher resolution of images transmitted to the screen. A standard definition image only has 480 lines of vertical resolution, while the first generation of HDTV’s have 720-line progressive scan (aka 720p) or the new generation 1,080-line interlaced (1080i) or 1080-line progressive scan (1080p) display capabilities. For viewers these numbers mean crisper and more vibrant images and less blur than you can get standard definition programming. Sound quality is also noticeably different with HD programming. Larger HD televisions are usually equipped with more advanced sound .ponents that rival THX sound normally heard in your local movie theater. Any new television, whether plasma, LCD or other will be HDTV .patible and models currently sold online or at stores are internally fitted with HD tuners. It should be noted that HD programming is not a given unless you subscribe to a service provider who broadcasts in HD or you have a Blu-ray or progressive scan DVD player. The cost for these services continues to .e down so it’s a more affordable choice for more consumers. If the marginally increased costs associated with your cable provider is too much, you can receive digital signal over the air that are as clear as many HD cable signals. All you need is a digital antenna. For those looking to switch from a standard definition to high definition television, the decision can seem confusing. However a visit to your local electronics store should help you understand the basics of HDTVs and the entertainment it will bring to your household. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: