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"He is a timeless history" — the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel, who died in November 25th, at the age of 90, died in. The world’s major media immediately report on political leaders and international agencies have expressed condolences on the death of Castro, made highly of the Cuban Revolutionary leader of merit, and express my deepest condolences to the government and people of cuba. Mexico’s main television station 26, have set up special programs, newspapers published prominently on the front page news. Kenya’s "national daily" commented that few people can play an important role in the anti colonial and anti apartheid struggle like Castro. South Africa, citizen newspaper commented that Castro let Cuba this Caribbean island has an influence beyond its size. Thailand’s "world news" said that Castro’s life is a legendary life, he led the Cuban people in Latin America and established the first socialist country, and his personal charisma and strong willed by people all over the world to admire. Broadcasting British Corporation commented: "he is a timeless history." Deutsche Radio commented that Castro has an indomitable will, freedom fighters, the people’s leaders, heroes, but also a strong bulwark against the United States, but also a world-class revolutionaries. U.S. economic embargo on Cuba, not only did not weaken the strength of Castro, but in the world has increased his support and love. "Without Castro, the whole history of Cuba will be rewritten. He is a flag of Cuba and even the whole of Latin america." Paul, a professor at the University of International Relations Brazil Catholic University of Rio? Robert said in an interview with this reporter. Peru University Chinese Carlos Shengmakeer expert? Aquino said to the reporter, Castro in the vision to see the future prospects for the development of China, he made Cuba became the first Latin American countries to establish diplomatic relations with China. As the founder of the Cuban relations, he won the respect of the people Chinese. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, said in a statement: "at the United Nations General Assembly and other international and regional forums, in order to promote social justice, issued a strong voice in the voice of Fidel," said mr.." The White House said in a statement that history will record and evaluate the world’s most influential people. The European Commission Chairman Juncker said in a statement, Fidel? Castro is the incarnation of the Cuban revolution, he changed the course of history in Cuba, his influence is spread abroad. EU high representative for foreign and security policy Ms. Mo Guerrini said in a statement, Fidel? Castro is a brave man and a historic figure. French presidential palace issued a communique that Castro was a great man in twentieth Century, he realized the Cuban revolution, on behalf of the revolt against the rule of the Cuban people’s pride. Putin, Russia’s president, said that Mr Castro was a distinctive political activist and patriot, a symbol of an era in modern world history. He and his comrades created a free and independent Cuba has become an important member of the international community, for many countries and people set an inspiring example. He serves the motherland selflessly, won)相关的主题文章: