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Holiday approaching   how to travel abroad anti-theft brush? Finance – People’s original title: how long is the holiday going abroad? With the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday approaching, more and more people have begun to prepare for outbound tourism. Reporters noted that recently, the National Tourism Administration released data show that in 2016 the number of outbound travel of Chinese citizens has reached 59 million 30 thousand passengers, an increase of 4.3% over the same period last year. At the same time, with the people out of the country, the credit card has become the most commonly used payment tool for outbound tourism, but there are also risks in overseas credit card. Overseas Travel Brush incident frequently, Mr. Chen lived in Guangzhou, nearly 1 months did not go abroad, the credit card has never left the body. Recently, he suddenly received multiple text messages, suggesting that the credit card transaction failed in canada. Mr. Chen quickly call the bank feedback. The bank supervision department confirmed that Mr. Chen’s credit card was illegally recorded by the criminals and made fake cards, and then tried to steal the card. Mr. Chen recalled that he had not been to Canada, but had visited Southeast Asia earlier this year and had credit card consumption, at that time, the cards were also provided to the service staff on behalf of the credit card. In view of the status quo of fraudulent growth of foreign websites, the bank credit cards are constantly overweight security. Such as GF credit card this year, joint VISA, Master – Card launched "3D authentication service", to protect the Credit Card Cardholder online transaction security, to prevent online fake transactions. Foreign card security points while outbound travel should be how to protect credit card security? Reporters recently interviewed several major banks credit card center, summed up the overseas travel need to pay attention to the card safety and practical suggestions. Before travel: inform the bank travel itinerary. The person in charge of GF credit card recommends that customers call the customer service hotline before leaving the country to register the time and itinerary of the overseas card so that the bank can monitor the use of cards in real time and find that the abnormal transactions are frozen in time. At the same time, cardholders need to ensure the opening of credit card SMS payment reminder and mobile phone receiving SMS or telephone roaming before exit, or binding WeChat bank, to ensure that they can keep the credit card transactions at any time. Travel: the card is not out of sight, lost cards, timely reporting. When tourists swipe cards abroad, don’t let the cards out of sight, and pay attention to cover or scrape the CVV2 code to prevent leakage. Try to choose regular merchants when you consume, don’t trust the clerk to give the credit card to the clerk. After travel: change cards if necessary. In order to protect the information security of the account, the cardholder may call the issuing bank to apply for a change card or actively cooperate with the issuing bank when changing the card. Since the vast majority of foreign fraudulent brush occurs after the cardholder returned home, so for overseas travelers back home, after three or four months to return to the country should always pay attention to the use of credit cards. GF credit card relevant person in charge of the proposal, in case of "card is not stolen from the body brush" situation, need to report in time, while calling the issuing bank related institutions to apply for frozen credit card and recover consumption. (commissioning editor Yang Xi and Yang Di) 长假临近 出国游如何防盗刷?–财经–人民网 原标题:长假临近 出国游如何防盗刷?   随着中秋、国庆等假期的临近,越来越多的市民已开始着手准备出境游。记者注意到,近日国家旅游局发布数据显示,2016年中国公民出境旅游人数已达5903万人次,较上年同期增长4.3%。与此同时,信用卡也随着人们走出国门,成为出境旅游最常用的支付工具,但境外刷卡,往往也存在风险。   境外游盗刷事件频发   家住广州的陈先生,近1个月未出国门,信用卡也未曾离身。近日他却突然收到多条短信,提示信用卡在加拿大交易失败。陈先生赶紧致电银行反馈情况。银行监控部门查证后确定,陈先生的信用卡在境外刷卡时被不法分子侧录并制作伪卡,进而尝试盗刷。   陈先生回忆称,自己并未去过加拿大,而是在今年年初曾去过东南亚地区并有过刷卡消费,当时卡片也是提供给服务人员代为刷卡。针对境外网站盗刷增长的现状,各银行信用卡也不断加码安全保障。如广发信用卡今年联合VISA、Master-Card推出“3D验证服务”,保障信用卡持卡客户网上交易安全,防范网上伪冒交易。   境外用卡安全三要点   在出境游的同时应该如何保障信用卡安全呢?记者近日采访了几大银行的信用卡中心,总结了境外旅游需要注意的用卡安全实用建议。   出游前:告知银行出游行程。广发信用卡相关负责人建议客户在出境前致电客服热线登记境外用卡时间和行程,以便银行实时监控卡片使用情况,发现异常交易及时冻结。同时,持卡人在出境前需确保开通信用卡短信支付提醒以及手机跨国接收短信或电话漫游功能,或是绑定微信银行,保证自己能随时掌握信用卡交易动态。   出游中:卡片不离视线,丢卡及时挂失。游客在国外刷卡时,不要让卡片离开自己的视线,同时要注意遮盖或者刮去CVV2码以防泄露。消费时尽量选择正规商户,不要轻信店员将信用卡交给店员刷卡。   出游后:必要时更换卡片。为保障账户信息安全,持卡人可在回国后致电发卡行,申请换卡或在接到发卡行换卡建议时积极配合。   由于绝大多数的境外盗刷都是发生在持卡人回国以后,所以对于境外游归来的旅客,回国后的三四个月内要随时留意信用卡使用情况。广发信用卡相关负责人建议,如遇“卡不离身被盗刷”的情况,需要及时报案,同时致电发卡行相关机构申请冻结信用卡和追回消费款项。 (责编:杨曦、杨迪)相关的主题文章: