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Careers-Employment Thinking about a career in the military? Are you unsure of where you should start or confused on how to join the army? It can be an overwhelming decision to join the U.S. Army and many times people find themselves without the proper resources on how to join. LT Gen Patrick O’Reilly, U.S. Army (retired), was a .missioned Officer for 34 years and is here to help you discover the way to be.e an American soldier. With these easy tips, you may find that the process and journey is not as overwhelming as it may have initially seemed. Step 1: Apply Online. This step is optional says LTG Patrick O’Reilly, , U.S. Army (retired), but the online application makes things simple and easy for those looking to apply. By submitting all your information needed to join the Army through the website, the process will be more efficient and easy. An Army recruiter will then contact you to determine if you are qualified to be.e part of the world’s finest military organization. Step 2: Talk to a Recruiter. An Army recruiter is your guide to the Army and will act as your best resource for all your questions and concerns about joining. Recruiters are trained and ready to help you navigate the application process and lead you towards your military future. Talking to a recruiter will help get more of a sense of what the .mitment entails as you can hear about their first-hand experience. Step 3: Understanding the ASVAB Test. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a multiple-choice test that analyzes your strengths and helps you better understand your abilities. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test is how you determine which Army job you are best suited for based on your strengths. As the United States Army is large and vast with hundreds of jobs to choose from, getting a sense of where you would excel best helps make the decision process easier on you. Step 4: Visit to MEPS. This is an exciting step. Your visit to the Military Entrance Processing Station is where and when you’ll go to join the U.S Army. Here you will get a full physical, select a Military Occupational Specialty, and officially be sworn in as a soldier in the United States Army. This is a monumental moment in your process of joining the Army. For more information on how to join the Army, General Patrick O’Reilly , retired, re.mends the following resources: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: