How To Detect And Fix Table Corruption In

Data-Recovery Oracle is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), developed and marketed by Oracle Corporation. It has a major presence in database .puting. It stores all your valuable data in the DBF file. The DBF file contains all Oracle database objects, such as tables, reports, forms, macros, views, constraints, triggers, stored procedures, and more. If any of these database objects or the entire database gets damaged, you can not access your valuable data from it. In such circumstances, Oracle Database Recovery software are required to extract data from the database. In order to over.e DBF corruption, Oracle offers a number of methods to detect and repair data files. These options include: DBVerify- It is an external .mand-line utility, which enables you to validate offline data files of Oracle database. In addition to the offline data files, you can also use this utility for checking validity of the backup data files. ANALYZE .. VALIDATE STRUCTURE- It is used to verify every single data block in the analyzed object. If this tool finds any corruption, rows are added to INVALID_ROWS table. DB_BLOCK_CHECKING- If DB_BLOCK_CHECKING argument is set as TRUE, Oracle carries out a walk-through of the data in database block for checking whether it’s self-consistent or not. This block checking process may add 1 to 10% overhead to server. This settings is re.mended only if you can accept the overhead. DBMS_REPAIR- It enables you to find and fix database corruption. This process needs two administration Oracle database tables for holding the list of damaged blocks and the index keys which point to those damaged blocks. In case, none of the above methods can repair and restore damaged database table, you need to restore the table from current backup. However, if the backup is either corrupted or not available, you need to Repair Oracle Database using third-party solutions. You can recover damaged DBF file in a quick and effective way using DBF Recovery software. The applications are incorporated with advanced and powerful scanning techniques to ensure absolute recovery in all cases of DBF file corruption. You can Repair Oracle Database on your own using these applications, as they have simple and rich graphical user interface. With read-only and non-destructive conduct, these applications preserve integrity of your data. Oracle Recovery is the most advanced and effective utility that successfully recovers damaged tables of Oracle 9i. The software is .patible with Microsoft Windows 2003 and XP. It restores all DBF file objects, such as tables, table space, views, cluster tables, roles, indexes, sequences, synonyms, and schemas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: