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UnCategorized Picking out the music to be played for a funeral can be a very difficult task. Funeral music should be selected to pay tribute the loved one that has passed, and should be music that touches the hearts of those attending the funeral, in hopes that it will help them leave with special memories of the loved one that has gone. Music for a funeral can be chosen based on the personality of the person that has passed, to help inspire memories that are closest to this persons personality. One should try to select songs that are going to leave a message of hope for the one that has passed so that the mourners leave with a feeling that the deceased will have life everlasting ahead of them. Songs should not always picked because they are traditional, but they should really give thought to the reasons that this person was loved and cared for and reflect that feeling as well. When choosing a non traditional funeral song that may reflect the person’s personality best, you may want to give a small speech as to the significance of the song before it is sung for those attending the funeral to understand. Not only can you choose appropriate music during the funeral, but you can pick music to be played during the funeral march when the family members of the deceased enter into the church and then depart the church. The song that should be played during this time should be a bit solemn to express the feelings that the family members are feeling. To assist you in picking music to be played at a funeral, one could contact family members and close friends of the deceased. These people are ones closed to the one that has passed and can give you good insight as to what sort of music they enjoyed the most which should in some way be incorporated into the funeral. After you select the music you want to have played for the funeral, be sure to choose a musician or singer who is .fortable with your song choices and knows the words and music well. When making your music selections to be played, try and find the actual words for the entire song, making sure that they are appropriate for all ages of those that may be attending the funeral proceedings. If you have a difficult time picking the music to be played for the funeral, you can feel .fortable asking your pastor or priest, soloist or musician, and even look through a hymn book to help make those music selections. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: