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Hublot for eight consecutive years to support Gstaad Polo Gold Cup classic launched   fusion Chukker  limited edition – Fashion – Hublot for eight consecutive years to support Gstaad Polo Gold Cup in the Bernese Alps well-known, far and near the mountain (the Bernese Alps) on 2016, Hublot table schtad (Polo Gold Cup Hublot Polo Gold Cup) officially kicked off, the top watches and noble sport in a converged world horsegalloping. Hublot Hublot invited friends, Chinese equestrian club chairman, founder of China Polo Polo first person Mr. Liu Shilai on behalf of Hublot team and served as captain, and other three excellent team as a trophy, Chinese Polo style bloom in Switzerland, to achieve China players in recent twenty years in Polo Gold Cup "zero breakthrough"! At this moment of glory, Hublot launched more classic fusion Chukker watch, witness the charge match for the realization of precise control of polo. After third intense tense semi-final, the last day of the game more exciting. Liu Shilai led the team to the Swiss Hublot Gstaad "contestants parade" as one of Europe’s highly anticipated event in 2016, Yu ship table Polo Gold Cup Stade gathered four global top teams to carry out fierce competition for a period of four days. August 18th to 21, the first day of qualifying competition, the first day of the second day ushered in the famous parade of the players on the four". In the final, each team will be their professional skills show incisively and vividly, each round of competition and the most popular people’s championship battle. After four rounds (Chukka), led by Liu Shilai of the 61 Hublot team to 2:6 win over rivals, Marcos Di Pacla excellent players in the last round of play, to help the team win the crown hublot! Hublot Chairman Jean Claude beaver? Wear classic fusion Chukker limited edition watch has 2000 years of history of polo in Gstaad 40, 000 square meters of pasture ushered in 6000 spectators and four teams. The total series reached cooperative combat 16 players 55 and 30 through the attendant care of 120 horses, four days a total of 24 experienced a fierce competitive round, which span 8000 km, from Beijing to Switzerland for Chinese Gstaad in the Polo equestrian club. They are at an altitude of 1008 meters in the Alps arena completed the first Gold Cup campaign. As a fusion of strength, speed and precision of the elite sports, Polo show the beauty of sports in the elegant atmosphere, and become a global sporting event. Hublot team won the 2016 Gstaad Polo Gold Cup Hublot Liu Shilai led the team won the gold cup in 2016 Gstaad Polo Jean Claude beaver? For Hublot captain Liu Shilai cheer Hublot chairman and President of LVMH watch Jean Claude Beaver (Je)?相关的主题文章: