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Relationships No one ever said that marriage was easy. To make a marriage work, it takes time and effort. If you and your wife are currently going through a difficult time whether it is a separation or divorce and you have said to yourself "I want my wife back," here are 3 tips to help you win your wife back and save the marriage. While no single tip may be guaranteed to help you get your wife back and save the marriage, you may need to use several tips together in your fight to win your wife back and save the marriage. Some of the tips are quite simple. Marriages are not usually destroyed by .plicated matters. Marriages usually start unraveling over small issues that turn into big issues. One of the small issues that can build up to a big issue in a marriage is an inconsiderate spouse. One of the first tips if you have said to yourself "I want my wife back" is to start small and simply be considerate, polite and nice to your wife. These simple changes in your behavior may not be noticeable to your wife at first but as long as you persist without getting frustrated, she will start to notice. A kind word said often is sometimes all that is needed to turn away anger, bitterness and resentment and can help save a marriage. We all start taking a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse for granted after a while if we are not careful. When they start to feel unappreciated, resentments, anger and bitterness will start to develop and kill the feelings of love. The first step to being able to win your wife back is to identify areas that you have started to take your wife for granted and start making changes accordingly in order to save this marriage. If you are still living together, it may be easier to start being considerate, polite and nice to her in an effort to save this marriage. If on the other hand she has moved out, it may take a little more work on your part. This will mean trying to use every moment that you "run" into her to be considerate and kind to her. It may be difficult at first especially if she does or says things to provoke you to anger. You are going to have to learn to control your emotions if you ever hope to win her back and save the marriage. The next tip in an effort to save a marriage is to start being thoughtful with her. Surprise her with a thoughtful card that tells her how special she is and how much you appreciate her. You do not need a special occasion to do this. Send her a card, a note, flowers, etc, just because. Go that extra mile for her if you ever want to have a chance to win her back and save your marriage. Follow through with the promises that you make to her. Do the things that you say that you shall do especially if she has lost trust in you and your ability to be a good husband. The third tip in an effort to save a marriage, which may be the most difficult for you if you have said to yourself "I want my wife back and save my marriage," is to give her space. If she asks you to leave her alone, you have to be willing to give her some space to think. If she is not ready to take you back, you need to stop harassing her about taking you back because this may only push her further away from you and destroy the marriage. Give her time to work things out on her own if she wants to do this on her own without the added pressure from you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: