If there is no battery explosion iphone7 really can beat Note7 txplatform

If there is no battery explosion iPhone7 really can beat Note7? IPhone 7 and Note 79 Sept. 12, Apple Corp just released last week iphone7 is currently in the pre-sale period, the new color "piano black" has been issued will immediately run out. At the same time, Apple’s biggest rival Samsung are busy with a global recall of Note7, compared with a very shabby. However, if there is no battery accident, iPhone7 can beat Note7 dignified and imposing? Forbes recently wrote an article that the new iPhone in some important aspects of "good enough", Samsung in the performance obviously superior to the configuration. Forbes believes that for apple, the bad news is that iPhone 7 in the hands of the experience and failed to give a few well-known Wall Street analysts and reporters impressed. The good news is that some analysts believe that iPhone 7 has been "good enough"". In the past week, most analysts have reported that iPhone 7 is in a position to succeed. For example, Morgan Stanley analyst Katie · (Katy Huberty); Huberty said the iPhone 7 is a positive factor for apple, in addition to other upgrades, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus battery life has improved, compared to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were extended by 2 hours and 1 hours. From the global smart phone survey we did in June, respondents are most dissatisfied with the product is the battery life. Therefore, any battery life upgrade will drive more users to upgrade their iPhone." Wrote this week in the Research Report Huberty to clients. IHS Technology said, as a new configuration that will upgrade the camera "successfully persuade consumers to upgrade their old iPhone" — although Apple faces iPhone 6 as "risk" of the launch of the iPhone 7 design with two years ago, more important is, as long as apple didn’t screw up consistently makes the success of the iPhone. – excellent workmanship, soft hardware and excellent combination of its prospect is not continued gloomy. Not to mention the popular iOS application ecosystem. In addition, most of the evaluation are given in Note 7 and Edge 7 praise, said they have advanced physical design arc based on OLED screen (Samsung, continued improvement in) excellent camera, better battery life, and improved Android experience. Such as iris scanners, VR device features also give Samsung new models of icing on the cake. But the ordinary smartphone buyers are more important things, battery life, storage space, camera and performance improvement, as well as waterproof function. Apple iPhone 7 in these areas have improved, but also adds some other elements, such as dual camera (Plus), better display, stereo speaker.相关的主题文章: