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Food-and-Drink A vast number of people, when they think of barbeque or bbq, they imagine of heating and firing up their grill in the backyard until they get a red hot and juicy steak. This is true in most cases as it is considered as a perfect dinner after a tiring work day at office but some types of BBQ are different. For instance, Texas bbq go beyond the ordinary style bbq of just heating and cooking meat in form of steak and drumsticks. This type of barbeque is preferred by people who do not just want to cook meat but they try to create an art form of steak and drumsticks that create a flavor and tenderness by some very difficult cuts, which cannot be easily achieved by using the standard barbeque grill methods. You cannot just do it in a hurry; proper technique and time are required for Texas style barbeque. It also requires a lot of patience and practice to perfect the technique and flavors of bbq. However, once you perfect this technique, cutting and preparing bbq very easy. A lot of important factors are required in preparing Texas style bbq. The first and most important is always seasoning or dry rub. It is very important that you select a dry rub according to the size and cut of the meat. The reason is that dry rub should properly bring out and ac.pany the meat. Many people like to mix mustard with dry rub to create a paste that is easily applicable on the meat and bring its flavor. This paste should .pletely cover the meat, help to tenderize it and bring out the delicious flavor of the meat without too much of mustards own taste. This is a perfect practice for large cuts of meat like shoulders and briskets. After seasoning the meat, the other important thing, for preparing bringing out a delicious and true flavor of bbq, is temperature. The rule of temperature, about this type of barbeque, is that it should be low and slow. The lower the temperature, the better will be the taste and flavor of the barbeque. The best BBQ Houston or Texas style bbq requires the temperature around 200-250 degree F. The lower temperature helps the meat to cook very well, with its moisture intact. Low temperature is also good for the taste of the meat as it does not be.e inedible or tough. The reason for keeping low temperature is also that cuts like briskets and shoulders can only be prepared on low heat to keep the moisture intact by reaching high levels of internal temperatures. This is the reason that a lot of patience is required to prepare for Texas barbeque as cooking on low temperatures need a lot of time. It will take more time to reach the required internal temperature on low heat than usual. Average time for preparing Texas barbeque ranges from 15 to 20 hours, which can be quite frustrating for many people. The next step, after maintaining the right temperature, is keeping the smoke from the wood right. The preferred woods of Texans for bbq are mesquite and pecan. Mesquite has a very definitive taste while the taste of pecan resembles weakly flavored hickory. So, it is very .mon for many people to use hickory, which can be very easily available in your area. For beginners, it will take quite some time and experimentation with the quantity of wood and pit to achieve required temperature and flavor. All this preparation is worth eating the delicious and great smoked food. Another very popular thing in the preparation of Texas barbeque, is adding the barbeque sauce. Texans consider the sauce as a .pliment to the barbeque, so it is usually served on the side of finished product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: