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Institutional investors are optimistic about the festival stage a rebound when considering the configuration of oversold blue chips sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money, Huang Lei Chen Junling, editor of Chen Yu reporter yesterday from the Shanghai stock market turnover, "eleven" long holiday approaching, investors wait-and-see sentiment strong. But for the festival of the trend of judgments and investment strategies, in insurance, fund and other institutional investors a more consistent view is: promising holiday "stage rally", waiting for the opening time. The logic behind the festival is the festival opening quarter liquidity disturbances are eliminated, liquidity will be improved; two, after the size of the lifting of the ban will be significantly reduced. Another important reason is that in the context of asset shortage intensified, the relative advantages of high-quality stocks gradually. This means that a lot of money sitting on institutional investors, asset allocation needs on the stock market still exists. After the holiday or "rebound stage" surveyed insurance, funds, private equity and other institutional investors generally believe that, in view of the financial side, the fundamentals, the emotional factors in the post stage is expected to improve, the suppression of the recent market performance strength or eased, the market is expected to stage a rebound. Jiutai Fund recently released a report, clear expression of the "real estate regulation policy is expected to promote the stock market or become a new variable" point of view, that "the recent property market booming, expected with the regulation of the property market is expected to overweight, marginal to cool the property market and the stock market" seesaw effect "of the marginal changes, is conducive to the stock market funds the better." Coincidentally, Suzaku investment manager also noticed that A shares with the property market "hot and cold contrast. "In the property market funds diversion case, before the market sentiment tends to be cautious, after the four quarter market volatility will likely increase, the market after a long time after the sideways facing the direction of choice. However, the four quarter of the market trend, should be cautious but not pessimistic, the fourth quarter should be based on the bottom-up layout of the positive stage." Insurance institutions for the four quarter market performance is not pessimistic. The point of view of a number of large insurance institutions investment managers, although there is no substantial improvement in the fundamentals of the economy, but there is no further deterioration of the situation, the market has not changed the pattern of regional shocks. "Therefore, we continue to maintain the previous 2800 points to 3200 points to carry out the strategy of band operation in Shanghai, if the stock index fell to around 2900 points, according to the characteristics of their own funds, bargain opening." An indisputable fact is that the trend of decline in the new economic norm and interest rates, relatively ample liquidity under the "asset shortage" phenomenon intensified, such as insurance funds and other institutional investors’ money, want to configure the assets "of the strong demand, from the perspective of value investing, some high-quality blue chips for some long-term capital is still attractive. But the short-term strategy, they may still be based on the band operation, greater opportunities for greater continuity or need to wait for further evidence from the improvement of corporate profits, etc.. Consider the allocation of the festival held in the oversold blue chips rebound stage "expectations, institutional investors optimistic about what specific varieties? From on相关的主题文章: