Inter. Marketing Mentoring Strategies – The Powerful

Traffic-Building Ive provided you with the 3Ps in hopes of helping you with your home business endeavors. Todays internet marketing mentoring tip is The Powerful 3Ts of Internet Marketing. The first (and most obvious) is TRAFFIC! Yeah, no secret here . With any internet marketing business, traffic is the name of the game. This is pretty much the most important aspect of internet marketing. Its not enough to just drive traffic though, you have to be able to drive the right kind of traffic. Lets say youre on a web design blog and have a link in your signature that says check out my site for the secret everyone is looking for. You manage to get thousands of members to click and go to your website and the headline says: Cheapest Pills Online! .pletely unrelated, the people who visit your site will do nothing but get frustrated. Virtually none of them will buy anything. The point Im trying to make is, traffic must be keyword/niche targeted or its .pletely useless to you and your business. Go after those who are interested in what you are offering. If you sell soccer products than go to soccer forums and social media .works, etc. You can get millions of untargeted traffic to your website without making much in sales. Make sure your efforts are worthwhile. Make sure your traffic is targeted. I guess this was a double T. Targeted Traffic is crucial to your success. The next T is TESTING! This is probably the most overlooked part, novice marketers make. Most of dont even think about it, but its really important. Most just throw up a website or sales page and hope that it does something. When it fails, they just give up & say F#$% it and call it a day. Or you get your sales page going and get a 1% conversion rate and settle. Thats better than nothing. Well that doesnt fly. You should be working on continuously be working on your sales funnel to improve your conversion rates. Testing is the ingredient to constant improvement and more money in your bank account. Whether your testing your PPC, article marketing tactics, Social Media campaign, or list building, you should also be split-testing your marketing efforts. Depending on your business model, a 2-3% increase in conversions can add up to tens of thousands of dollars (which is the case with my business) on the back end. Testing and increasing your conversions is vital to your success as an inter. marketer. The last T is..tun tud tunnnnnn.TRACKING! This goes hand in hand with testing, because you cannot see the results of your testing without tracking your efforts and results. This is absolutely crucial. I have a tracking on this article for example. Proper tracking allows you to see what works and what doesnt. You then do more of what works and stop wasting your precious time with what doesnt work. Tracking allows you to know what marketing/ads are effective, what products or sales funnels are converting, whats making you money. Without proper tracking your taking a shot in the dark! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: