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Self-Improvement Once we have been inspired to change our daily thoughts and habits to embrace cheerfulness, it our purpose to share that quality with others. We perpetually carry, in our presence and personality, an influence that acts upon others as summer warmth on the fields and forests. It wakes up and calls out the best that is in them. It makes them stronger, braver, and happier. We can make a little spot of this world a lighter, brighter, and a warmer place for other people to live in. When we greet people in the morning with a smile on our face, they get inspiration which makes all the day’s struggles and tasks easier. Our hearty handshake puts a thrill of new vigor into their veins. After talking with us for a few minutes, they feel an exhilaration of spirits, a quickening of energy, a renewal of zest and interest in living, and are ready for any duty or service. If refined manners reprove us a little for ill-timed laughter, a smiling face kindled by a smiling heart is always in order. A smile is said to be to the human countenance what sunshine is to the landscape. A smile is called the rainbow of the face and can change the outlook of a gloomy day. How can we change the lives of so many people that feel this is a dark world? They see this as a world of chills, a world of fogs, a world of wet blankets. Nine-tenths of the men we meet need encouragement. Our work is so urgent that we have no time to stop and speak to the people, but every day we meet scores, perhaps hundreds and thousands of persons, upon whom we might have a direct and immediate influence. We can change the course of someone’s day by the grace of our facial features and expression. There is nothing more catching than a face with a lantern behind it, shining clear through. We have no admiration for a face with a dry smile, meaning no more than the grin of a false face. But a smile written by the hand of God, as an index finger or table of contents, to whole volumes of good feeling within, is a benediction. We may think that our face is hard and lacking in mobility and our kindly feelings are not observable in our face. This is not true. Freshness and geniality of the soul are so subtle and pervading that they will, at some eye or mouth corner, leak out. When we set behind our face a feeling of gratitude to God and kindliness toward man, we will every day preach a sermon as long as the streets we walk, a sermon with as many heads as the number of people you meet, and differing from other sermons in the fact that the longer it is the better. The reason that there are so many sour faces, so many frowning faces, so many dull faces, is because men consent to be acrid and petulant, and stupid. As we have learned, the way to improve our face is to improve our disposition. The attractiveness of our face does not depend on the regularity of our features. We know people whose brows are shaggy, eyes oblique, noses ominously longitudinal, and mouths straggling along in unusual and unexpected directions; and yet they are men and women of so much soul that we love to look upon them. All the world loves little children, who are always ready to have ‘a sunshine party’. We remember the long gone years of our own childhood, and the households of joyous children we have known in later years. Children are still the joy-makers. As we mature, we can once again be.e more childlike. We can then rejoice with joy unspeakable, as the children of immortality; living habitually above the gloom and doom of the earth and ministering to others; bestowing everywhere sweetness and light–radiating upon the earth something of the beauty of the unseen world. "I am so full of happiness," said a little child, "that I could not be any happier unless I could grow." And she bade "Good morning" to her sweet singing bird, and "Good morning" to the sun; then she asked her mother’s permission, and softly, reverently, gladly bade "Good morning to God,"–and why should she not? As we be.e grounded in happiness, the changeless day is ours. We hear the songs of nature, we see the light of God and sunlight bathes our surroundings. When we embrace happiness; we seek to serve God by wiping all tears away. Every hour, we eagerly strive to do our work that God has blessed. We can change the lives of others by daily making a conscious effort to inspire someone with our cheerfulness. Submitted by Amelia Johnson About the Author: 相关的主题文章: