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Football Jerry Sloan: The Longest Tenured Coach in Major Sports Resigns February 11, 2011 Jerry Sloan departs Utah Jazz over souring relationship with Deron Williams A mere three days after signing a one-year contract extension with the Utah Jazz, head coach Jerry Sloan has abruptly resigned from the .anization. Despite efforts by management to convince Sloan to change his mind during meetings on Thursday morning, the notoriously headstrong coach was steadfast with his decision to leave. How could Jerry Sloan’s mindset change so quickly? Sources close to the situation claim events that transpired on Wednesday evening during and after the Jazz faced the Chicago Bulls ultimately led to Sloan’s departure. Sources tell ESPN that Sloan reacted furiously after All-Star point guard Deron Williams called a play on the floor that was different from the call the head coach had made from the sideline. Apparently, the play calling flap led to an emotionally charged halftime discussion, as well as a private meeting with members of the coaching staff and GM Kevin O’Connor after the Jazz were defeated 91-86. Thursday morning’s practice was then abruptly cancelled, and Sloan’s resignation was announced shortly thereafter. Most accounts of the scenario blame Sloan’s departure on a deteriorating relationship with guard Deron Williams, tagging the play call debacle as the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Interestingly, the sports world has witnessed other player/coach feuds resulting in coaching changes, most recently Vince Young and Jeff Fisher’s sour relationship ended with Fisher’s exit. Jerry Sloan is the longest tenured coach in ANY of the four major sports; who is second? You guessed it… Jeff Fisher. These player/coach issues often carry serious consequences, more often resulting in coaching adjustments than player trades. The Utah Jazz fan base is split almost down the middle, as a poll by ESPN’s SportsNation is reporting 54% of the Utah Jazz contingent would take Jerry Sloan over Deron Williams if they could choose. This story along with the Tennessee Titans situation with Jeff Fisher begs the question: who should these .anizations be protecting, their historically successful tenured coaches, or their 20-something year old talent? Readers, let us know what you think on LockerSmash! Drew Dargen About the Author: 相关的主题文章: