Just perfect 7-9 million high quality SUV to spend money to recommend (video) fkzww

Just perfect 7-9 million high quality SUV to spend money to recommend [Pacific Automotive Network (micro-blog) shopping channel] there are many friends to consult our car, more than half of the cars want to buy a SUV, because SUV will feel more aggressive than drive a car, which is the reason for the domestic SUV market why so hot. For SUV models, the domestic car prices are very valued, there are many new models and good reputation models are very worthy of attention. Domestic small SUV & CS15 in Changan "we choose a car late 9" this column, we consult 7-9 million yuan to buy what SUV good friends there, to be honest the price can choose many cars, although only 20 thousand yuan gap, but the size of the car also has a larger gap, today we we selected some from small to large to good reputation, sales are good models for the analysis of a recommendation. Changan – CS15 official guide price: 5.79-7.79 million new car market promotions: no concessions recommended models: 1.5MT distinguished type 73 thousand and 900 as a new model is listed in the April to July, Changan CS15 will produce more than 30 thousand units sold, the attention is very high, and at the beginning of August more push automatic version dual clutch transmission, its own R & D, choose a more enriched. From the exterior to the interior, Changan CS15 is specifically for young people and design models, because CS15 also provides customized solutions including panoramic sunroof, hub, roof color, body color and personalized interior colors and meet the individual needs, which is very rare in the domestic market. The configuration, Changan CS15 is also very in place, in addition to the minimum distribution, the whole system comes standard with ESP electronic vehicle stability system, at this price is also very rare. We recommend this 73 thousand and 900 yuan of manual distinguished type, configuration is Ling Lang everywhere, like four airbags, this function is the distinguished exclusive configuration, more comprehensive security protection. Changan CS15 manual distinguished type (73 thousand and 900) main configuration of 20555 R16 wheel tire double color five rim collocation red calipers height adjustable headlamps are daytime driving lights multifunctional luggage rack outside rearview mirror integrated side steering lamp rearview mirror electric folding electric heating + panoramic sunroof (optional 3000 yuan) high brake lamp interior configuration senior super punch fiber leather sport seats leather multifunction steering wheel driving seat 6 to manually adjust the copilot seat 4 to manually adjust the rear seat recline flat front center armrest security configuration HEEAB with high stiffness and energy absorbing frame body 4 airbags ESP electronic stability system HHC hill start assist system HSA hill start auxiliary system of TPMS tire pressure monitoring system of intelligent parking parking assist system radar cruise control technology and comfortable configuration in Call smart car Internet mobile phone Internet, voice control system System, voice navigation WIFI + a key rescue keyless entry system + a key to start the STT idle start stop system clean pollen filter self luminous相关的主题文章: