Keep Your Patients And Clients Informed With An Autodialer Software

UnCategorized Communication is key when it comes to productivity and success within your medical practice. Keeping important clients such as pharmaceutical companies, Durable Medical Equipment Companies, Medical Suppliers and office solution team members up to date with scheduling and patient needs is just as important as keeping the patients informed on important changes that may be happening within your practice. A autodialer system such as a Broadcast by Phone Autodialer allows you to create unique messages to be send to all clients all by the touch of a button and utilizing a few programming techniques. An autodialer uses VOIP or Skype as a way of connecting with callers via a broadband connection over the internet, so staff can work remotely from their own computers following though with client calls and additional support. An autodialer software system allows the programmer to see who all has been called, when they were called and the confirmation and status of the phone call to display that they answered the call and received the message. If the client received the message they will then be directed to a series of prompts in which to choose from so that they can leave their choice without having to call in and speak with a live person. The software then stores responses and confirms what the caller designated to do, this allows staff to follow through with the caller and schedule an appointment or then answer questions as needed. There are several reasons as to utilize an autodialer to help increase overall productivity in your medical practice. Alerts the public that your practice is accepting new patients- An autodialer is perfect for cold calling people in the area and letting them know that your practice is accepting new patients. Set up the software system to only call so many potential clients and patients at a time so that you do not have a large influx of calls coming in initially. There is also a feature where the caller can opt out so that they will not receive ongoing calls. Notify DME companies of pickup and deliveries- An autodialer serves as a powerful tool for letting Durable Medical Companies know when to pick up equipment from patients homes or from the office. A generalized service can be implemented as well as individualized messages pertaining to each company. Keeps patients informed- Another benefit to using an autodialer is that you can set up the system to call patients on days when the office will be closed due to increment weather or physician emergencies. This will give them the chance to automatically reschedule their appointments as well as renew prescriptions over the phone without ever having to come into the office. Convenience, portability and efficiency are essential assets to using an autodialer system. Make your medical practice run smoothly for patients, staff clients and most of all you. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: