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Kinmen cracked cross-border money laundering fraud case – Taiwan Channel – according to Xinhua News Agency Taipei (reporter Liu Gang, Xu Xueyi) announced the Kinmen County Police Bureau police brigade and criminal police the day before, along with the detection of cross-border fraud group on both sides of the money laundering case. Fraud amount of more than 30 million yuan (NT, the same below), the amount of money laundering as high as several hundred million yuan. According to Kinmen police, the police last December accepted 1 cases of fraud amount of 200 million yuan. After tracing the past 10 months, the suspect surnamed Zhang found 3 people in the golden gate operating underground exchange. Among them, the suspect Zhang Ji long walk on both sides of the north. The suspect in the early morning of October 4th on the 8 when the boat from Kinmen to Xiamen, and at 12 noon back to Kinmen, then arrested by the police, and taken to the search room, cracked cross-border telecommunications fraud. According to the New Taipei Ji Zhang suspects confessed that his own rented building Suites in Kinmen, set up 2 large strong wave in facing the mainland window, used to receive signals via the network, telecom, through the telephone number of Taiwan people fraud tampering router. Zhang also served as the "driver", to absorb and buy the head account, then the command driver or personally, many people, many times and number of claim fraud group received stolen money, to avoid the attention of money laundering control regulations and financial institutions to "lower limit" and "break up the whole into parts" way. And then handed over to Kinmen and Zhang left the couple surnamed through the underground exchange way, the leaders of the group of the money to the mainland transfer. Police in Zhang rented suite, seized telecommunications fraud room relay station. The other in Kinmen, Zhang and his wife’s seizure of NT $1 million 410 thousand yuan, nearly 26 thousand yuan, passbook 22, UnionPay card 68. According to the New Taipei surnamed Zhang Ji suspects confessed that he had even dry for 5 years, the police estimated the amount of nearly 30 million yuan of telecommunications fraud, the victim of more than 400 people, the amount of up to several hundred million dollars more money laundering. The police have to fraud, the main suspect Zhang and other 3 people to the prosecutor’s office for investigation. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: