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Li Yinhe made a "live", aroused everyone’s interest in Xing – a few days before the Sohu technology men’s magazine "GQ" published an article, "three months of follow-up, to see how to rule the live MC God bless all corners of the country", tells the story of the king of MC YY to the story of god. A MC is a controversial red net, know someone asked "how to evaluate the broadcast platform on Michael, what are you looking at?" First answer is: "people love to go to Paris to feed dove, there will be people with yellow dog in the village". That is to say, many people especially think highbrow people, the MC content is providential sniff at, because too many people, but even if not, did not stop the MC boom in live Tianyou complacent, earn a bowl full of pots. Live content is vulgar or good? When people are still arguing over this issue, YY recently ushered in a controversial broadcast: the first person to invite Chinese sexology, sociologist Li Yinhe to do live. The whole live theme only one word: sex. See this live, I have the feeling of surprise at the time. Circle of friends, someone said, YY broadcast content more and more vulgar? Some people say, why did Li Yinhe come to a muddy water? Li Yinhe live only for my personal feelings is a faithful reader of Li Yinhe teacher, is very interested in the research field, and their articles will be written in academic problems easy to understand, this is commendable. Li Yinhe has also been in the public interaction with the public, such as the opening of micro-blog and WeChat public accounts. However, the sociologist who is engaged in the research will go on the internet. The traditional culture of China for many years, although it is no longer talking about sex, but Mr. Li Yinhe in the past the book wrote, is under the certain pressure, some people complained about the. Now Li Yinhe teacher to do the webcast, talk of this topic, and interact with the netizen accept sharp and explicit, for me is a breakthrough. Why is Li Yinhe willing to participate in such a thing? I think the most important thing is the sense of responsibility, Li Yinhe is a more than and 60 year old woman, playing micro-blog, do live, more is a sense of responsibility, a feeling: to help people establish a more scientific concept of sex. Mr. Li Yinhe once said, "at present China, an idealist can easily become a non idealist", in my opinion, teacher Li Yinhe is such an idealist, she never will own research results through scientific book and micro-blog broadcasting tool to spread to the public, is the hero of knowledge. The Chinese people to establish a more scientific, healthy and positive sense of the concept, but also rely on an old man, is the tragedy of society; but it is precisely because there is such an idealist Li Yinhe, the community is more hopeful. YY is actually doing live sexual education Chinese application last year the most popular non broadcast is half a year ago, is "100 sowing wars", today has been upgraded to a "thousand sowing war". One side is to YY and other veteran game player, while admission giants such as micro-blog, but this did not stop the large number of entrepreneurs in the increasingly intense competition. However, the popular reward相关的主题文章: