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Change-Management Lisa Keay, Winchester is a highly qualified IT professional with more than a decade experience in agile environment including client-server applications, large-scale web based applications, n-tier architecture, Java and J2EE, EAS, SOAP as well as complex distributed networks. She has the knowledge and expertise in QA strategic management, requirements and systems analysis, resource management, test planning, risk and contingency assessment. Ms. Lisa Keay has a proven successful track record of successful software and hardware releases. She utilizes QA methodologies and procedures to provide creative solutions for keeping projects on-track and within budget. An accomplished manager, Lisa Keay, Winchester is Test Manager at Fidelity Investments, Merrimack, NH. She is responsible for managing team members, tools and processes required for meeting testing deadlines on AAA projects. She defined scope of testing for each release/delivery, tracking actual vs. estimated schedule completion, discussed and mentored or trained team members on testing techniques. She released 125 high priority reports to business users successfully which are currently in use in production and used by Fidelity as well as outside vendors. A dedicated individual, Lisa Keay, Winchester reviewed all business, functional requirements for completeness, accuracy, systems and technical approach while assessing QA effort and communicating possible risks and implications. Lisa Keay, Winchester MA has worked with various leading organizations as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Her education includes BA English from Boston University and Basic and Advanced SQL, PMBOK Project Management Training. She is also the recipient of various certifications such as Tyco International Safety Products Integrated Security Management System, Advanced Processing Controller, TCP/IP Networking, Software and Associated Hardware Certification. Along with being an accomplished QA manager, she is also a published author in online magazines and an avid photographer. She is a fitness enthusiast and often finds time for doing yoga from her busy schedule. Lisa Keay, Winchester is studying to breed the dog breed, Lhasa Apso. She actively volunteers with Animal Rescue. About The Author: Lester French is a technical writer, researcher who has a passion of writing and research. He mainly spends his time to informative websites like Wikipedia and Squidoo. Nowadays, Hes writing about finance articles which are his core interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: