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Millet aura eclipsed: mobile phone selling a deficit dealer enthusiasm is not high just after the five birthday of millet will usher in a pot of cold water, IDC recently released data: millet second quarter smartphone shipments of 10 million 500 thousand, compared with 17 million 100 thousand in the same period last year fell 38%, behind HUAWEI, OPPO and Vivo. Although another agency HIS data show that millet shipments did not shrink so much, is still maintained at 15 million 220 thousand units, but its ranking is also OPPO, Vivo (OV) to catch up. Nandu reporter in recent days to investigate the field of small channels found that dealers are not enthusiastic about the sale of millet, while the flagship store experience millet home of the passenger flow, sales and expectations are far apart. Former fans sought after idol exactly how? "There is a trough of millet," in the last month, millet mobile phone Department of the two pioneering pledging conference chairman Lei Jun millet does not deny the present dilemma. This time from May 18th this year announced mobile phone R & D and straight Lei supply chain has been over the past 49 days. Business more difficult, there are mobile phone business executives believe that millet in technology, brand, and to determine trends have emerged on the problem. As HUAWEI technology accumulated deep, "grass root user" brand to boost the weak, and overestimate the Internet for driving mobile phone sales. "Now it is too late to start building the line". A dealer: every one sold millet mobile phone are the loss at the beginning of this year, Lei Jun has expressed the hope that millet has become a world level efficiency of the retail chain, "Muji to do science and technology circle, 3-4 years millet home to do one thousand." But from the official website of millet, as of now, mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, millet and millet stores, including only 33 lines under the channel. However, compared to the number of stores under the line OV million. Mobile phone sales accounted for the proportion has dropped from 18% to." Sun Yanbiao, President of the first mobile phone industry research institute. Under this background, go to the line is almost all mobile phone manufacturers this year, the focus of the issue, millet is no exception. Construction of the line under the channel system needs at least 3-5 years, millet accumulation is not enough." Mobile phone industry executives said. Sun Yanbiao also believes that the line needs to diversify the product, the amount of online to do low, but no profit margins under the line is not enough. In addition, both at home and abroad, there must be a certain product line, millet in the past a model to go around the world, but now does not work." Currently, the main line of the channel from the operator and open channels, but because of the reduction in the number of operators to reduce subsidies, open channels become the mainstream. However, dealers are not enthusiastic about the sale of millet. Under the line to give the retailer to leave a relative profit margins, Internet phone profit margins are too low, about 100 yuan millet, and OV, HUAWEI has about $400." Sun Jian, general manager of Guangdong mobile integrated store communications, told reporters in Nandu, the line stores have logistics, manpower, rent and other costs, and even have a few dollars to open an invoice cost. According to millet these Internet phone to zhe相关的主题文章: