Ministry of housing the property market regulation and control of the city due to the implementation googims

The Ministry of housing market regulation: adhere to the policies applied by the city of   real estate — reporter (reporter Zhao Yingying) Shanghai rumors about the "divorce restriction" and Xiamen several second tier city return to purchase, let the market attention this year the property market regulation policy changes. Yesterday, the Ministry of housing in the implementation of the rule of law in the implementation of the implementation of the outline of the government (2015 to 2020), the implementation of the program, once again stressed the need to adhere to the classification of real estate regulation, due to the city policy. Proposal, according to the reality of the differentiation of the real estate market, adhere to the classification regulation, because the city policy. Adhere to strengthen government regulation and play a role in promoting the market, so that the real estate industry and economic and social development and the needs of the masses living. To establish a national real estate inventory and transaction monitoring platform, to monitor the formation mechanism of the normalization of the real estate market; the implementation of the residential land supply classification management, improve and implement differentiated tax and credit policy; establish an open standard housing provident fund system, improve the housing fund extraction, use and supervision mechanism, support reasonable housing consumption. To strengthen market supervision, accelerate the establishment of a fair and orderly competition review system, cleanup and repeal hinder various provisions of the national market and practices, especially the increase of the construction and real estate enterprises and personnel supervision, investigate and punish illegal acts and exposure. Ministry of housing stressed that the real estate market continues to strictly control the direction of this and the current upward pressure on housing prices over the situation." Said E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin in an interview in Hebei, Wuqing as an example, the past 5000 yuan per square meter of suburban homes real estate needs to rely on advertising in the form of promotion, and by August, with a new volume and price, many projects showing obvious jump up to 10000 yuan per square meter the price may not find good houses in Wuqing now. Such a market, it is necessary to guard against all kinds of investment speculative demand." First tier cities in the real estate market has recently appeared a significant heat. Agency statistics show that in 2000 consecutive weeks around the low state, last week, Beijing new home turnover soared to 3185 units, an increase of 32%. Among them, due to the absence of new projects into the market, self occupied commercial housing continued to decline last week, only 9 sets of transactions, while commercial and residential products to achieve a total turnover of 2165 units, accounting for the total turnover of 68%. Recently, on the Beijing commercial housing will tighten control policies renewed rumors, more news that a strict management of commercial projects have been released, this stimulus, part of commercial and residential projects have accelerated the pace of contracting." The house agency deputy general manager Ren Qixin said, "focus on the release of the first week of Kim Gu" and "commercial housing heat soared behind the rush in demand is closely related to buying. Agency monitoring shows that the new premises in the sale of the project in recent years there have been significant price increases. For example, Winton International Mansion last year the new disc market price is only 27000 yuan per square meter, the market price of up to 50000 yuan per square meter, an increase of up to 85%; China Flower King County Railway Construction? The opening price of 54000 yuan / square meters, creating the highest price in Yizhuang region this year. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhen)相关的主题文章: