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Dating The man you’re getting to know is terrific, funny, attractive, he has cash to take you places. But there’s something that’s not quite right. Just something. You are starting to wonder if he has a girlfriend or maybe he is married. How do you know if you’re dating a married guy? You’ll find clues, telltale indications that could possibly be dating a married man. Ask your self these 3 questions: 1) Has he introduced you to his family and friends? Okay, maybe it is not time yet to meet the mother and father, but have you met his friends? Maybe he doesn’t have any, but that’s really not very .mon. Offer to meet him at his place of work sometime. Observe how he feels about you meeting people at his office. 2) Do you have his home telephone number? This was once a positive indication that you’re dating a married man. An man who is married won’t give his home telephone number to "the other woman," and face it, that’s you. It is a bit murkier today because a lot of folks just don’t have land lines in the home any more, they only have cell phones. But when he gets an call on his cellphone, does he hang up and say "Wrong number?" How often does he tell the man or woman at the other end that he’s with you? 3) Have you been in his home? If he hasn’t, there’s a good likelihood that he’s married. Okay, maybe he really does live way on the other side of town. Maybe he lives with his mother and father and is doesn’t want you to know. The more plausible reason for why he will not invite you home is you’re dating a married man. There could be a good explanation if the answer to any of these three questions does not satisfy you, but if two or even more of them are a problem, you could be dating a married man. There is an easy way to learn if your boyfriend is married and that is by doing a government records search. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: