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"Naked" lending survey: girls can not repay or arrange money – Beijing prostitution "naked" lending after the media exposure, causing widespread concern. But recently, the reporter found that naked article lending is still prevalent in the wind, in part of the QQ group, there are sellers to college students to borrow treasure naked article as a gimmick to sell openly naked girl photos and videos. More private lenders said, after the naked article mortgage, such as the inability to repay on time, you can introduce the repayment of prostitution. In the case of naked bars lending repeatedly, experts said the net loan as a new form of loans, regulatory and governance more difficult. In August 24th, by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of public security, network information office officially released the four ministries "network credit information intermediary business activity management Interim Measures" for the campus net loan loan form will play a strong regulatory and governance effect. JINGWAH Times reporter intern reporter Wu Hongli Han Xueyan – report a seller of "naked" by the media repeatedly exposed, "bare" loans into more people’s vision. The media survey found that in some loan group, female college students "naked" borrowing has become an open secret, the "naked holding" can be the amount of loan is average loan amount of 2 to 5 times, but overdue will face the threat of being released nude. A naked holders of the borrower Kobayashi (a pseudonym) said in an interview with the media, she opened the shop because of the need to purchase, through the loan treasure on the platform of acquaintances borrowed 500 yuan. Not because of overdue repayment, she was introduced to the "naked" loans, the other asked her to send their photos, ID, name, home address and family contact, and several classmates contact, and ask for the identity of the Kobayashi handheld nude photos and video, to verify the information after loan 5000 yuan to her, a week of interest is 30%, because she was overdue, the lender’s threat, "they threatened not to send to friends and family photos." At the same time, Kobayashi told reporters that there are people in the QQ group in the open sale of college student loan treasure bare material". When a reporter to the identity of the buyer to add "naked" borrowing QQ after the introduction of the direction of the reporter, the sale of information is not timely repayment of college students "naked to" photos and videos, and personal information including contact information, home address, telephone and other information with school teacher. After the reporter paid to him, he immediately sent a few names for the loan treasure, naked article weekly update, the compression package. Folder containing more than hand holding a woman’s identity and video photos. According to the sales person, bare will be updated weekly, but must be paid for, and asked reporters whether to "personal data", but when a reporter after the payment, to sell the package and not his claim that "90 videos and 90 copies of personal data". Reporters repeatedly asked, the other no longer reply. In the investigation can not repay arrange prostitution reporters on the Internet with "naked" and "borrowing" keyword search, find a number of lenders contact. Reporters randomly added a nickname for credit loans users,.相关的主题文章: