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The mayor of Nanjing City: to enhance the management level of   to build a livable city — Jiangsu channel — original title: to enhance the level of modernization of city governance sharing industry livable city the morning of October 13th, the second session of the city management committee held its first meeting, marking the new city Governance Committee official duties. The mayor, the City Commission Director Miu Ruilin to the New Public Governance Committee awarded. He stressed, thoroughly implement the central city work conference spirit, earnestly implement the provincial government and municipal deployment requirements, enhance the quality of city function around the four action plan, Jointnomy co management, sharing, to further promote the city governance mode and city governance to enhance the level of modernization, and jointly create a livable beautiful city home. Vice mayor, deputy director of Municipal Administration Committee Chu Yonghong attended the meeting. In the past 3 years, the Municipal Governance Committee of the city has carried out the work of urban governance in Nanjing, fully condensing the wisdom of all walks of life, actively innovating governance methods, and making great progress. After the expiration of the term of office of the first public committee of the Municipal Governance Committee, the general election elected Wang Xingping, a professor of the Architectural Institute of Southeast University, and 45 members of the Municipal Committee of the second municipal administration committee. In the new public committee, experts and scholars from both universities and colleges, as well as the general public, enterprises and institutions responsible for the social representation of more extensive, more optimized composition, members will continue to contribute to the wisdom of urban governance force. Miu Ruilin congratulated on the appointment of the new public committee, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all of you for the concern, support and enthusiastic participation of Nanjing’s urban governance. He said that to improve urban governance and promote the modernization of urban governance system and governance capacity is not only an important measure to change the concept and development mode of urban development, but also the inevitable requirement to enhance the urban functional quality and enhance the city’s soft power. At present, Nanjing city is facing a new situation and new tasks, we need to work on the central city’s decision to follow fundamental implementation of the provincial government and the municipal Party Committee on the development of Nanjing new city governance positioning requirements, vigorously carry out negotiation multi subject, governance concept, promote the city governance, governance of the parties involved in the co management, sharing, promote the city function quality connotation and city primacy and reputation. Miu Ruilin put forward three requirements to play the role of Public Committee and do well in urban governance work. The first is to grasp the core essence of urban governance in the new period. To adhere to the people-oriented concept of city development, respect people’s right to know, the right of participation, supervision, and government, society, public bodies, more impetus to community wide concern in city governance, together to improve the city management to a new level. Two is to give full play to the unique advantages of urban governance committee. Members of the public occupation should be based on their own strengths and expertise, (next to the A2 version) (on A1) play the role of a bridge between city government work as important publicity, participants, practitioners, promoters, work together for Nanjing city governance suggestions. Three is to improve the work level of urban governance committee. We should adhere to the center, serve the overall situation, and actively perform their duties, focus on practical results, deepen the grassroots level, close to the masses, and comprehensively enhance the level of urban governance work, and jointly create livable 南京市长:提升城市治理水平 共建宜居宜业城市–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:提升城市治理现代化水平 共建共享宜居宜业城市 10月13日上午,市第二届城市治理委员会举行第一次会议,标志着新一届城治委正式履职。市长、市城治委主任缪瑞林向新任公众委员颁发聘书。他强调,深入贯彻中央城市工作会议精神,认真落实省委、省政府和市委部署要求,围绕城市功能品质提升“四个行动计划”,共治共管、共建共享,进一步推动城市治理理念方式转变和城市治理现代化水平提升,共同营造宜居宜业的美好城市家园。副市长、市城治委副主任储永宏出席会议。 市第一届城治委履职3年来,南京城市治理工作充分凝聚各界智慧,积极创新治理方式,取得长足进步。在市城治委第一届公众委员任期届满后,此次换届推选产生了东南大学建筑学院教授王兴平等45名市第二届城治委公众委员。新一届公众委员中既有高校专家学者,也有普通市民群众、企事业单位负责人,社会代表性更加广泛,构成更加优化,委员们将继续义务为城市治理贡献智慧力量。 缪瑞林对新一届公众委员获聘表示祝贺,向大家对南京城市治理的关心支持和热心参与表示衷心感谢。他说,完善城市治理,促进城市治理体系和治理能力现代化,既是转变城市发展理念和发展方式的重要举措,也是提升城市功能品质、增强城市软实力的必然要求。当前,南京城市发展面临新形势、新任务,我们要以中央对城市工作的决策部署为根本遵循,贯彻落实省委、省政府和市委对南京发展新的定位要求,大力践行多元主体、协商共治的城市治理理念,推动城市治理各方参与、共治共管、共建共享,更好地提升城市功能品质内涵和城市首位度、美誉度。 缪瑞林对发挥公众委员作用,做好城市治理工作提出三个方面要求。一是切实把握新时期城市治理的核心要义。要坚持以人为本的城市发展理念,尊重市民知情权、参与权、监督权,统筹好政府、社会、市民三大主体,更多地带动社会各界广泛关注、参与城市治理,共同把南京城市治理提高到新水平。二是充分发挥城市治理委员会的独特优势。公众委员要立足自身职业优势和专业特长,(下转A2版) (上接A1版)发挥桥梁纽带作用,当好城市治理工作的重要宣传者、参与者、实践者、推动者,群策群力为南京城市治理建言献策。三是全面提升城市治理委员会的工作水平。要坚持围绕中心、服务大局,积极履职、讲求实效,深入基层、贴近群众,全面提升城市治理工作水平,共同营造宜居宜业的美好城市家园。(刘晓) (责编:唐璐、张鑫)相关的主题文章: