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New products are not new, Google will be China’s technology companies to go beyond it? Google Assistant (Google technology – Sohu (Assistant), photography storage (shooting), cloud storage), communications (Communication), VR, this is Google in the early hours of October 5th the new conference in five subjects, but for most Internet attention, these words are not strange, because in the past few years, various Chinese Internet giants and startups have to domestic users early completion of the science, it seems that this time, along with the advanced technology for Google did not go in front of the China Internet Corporation. New concepts are not stunning, heard in the Google new conference, the most eye-catching is the launch of the Android Google mobile phone "son", but this time Google did not continue to use the Nexus brand, but the media exposure and had consistent "Pixel". Qualcomm snapdragon 821 4G, RAM, 1080P and 2K AMOLED screen, this configuration could reach the current level on the whole Android flagship, will not find what short board. But in other words, as Google’s son, Pixel also did not let a person shine at the moment, compared with HUAWEI, millet and other domestic brands from the configuration can not transfer the reasons for people to choose it, even with high imaging quality as the name "pixel" in general, and domestic brands as well as frequently burst problems compared to Samsung, is stunning enough. Moreover, part of the pro son series of functions over the wall of the embarrassment and also for Google years launched the most lucrative China has been unable to enter the mainland market. In addition to mobile phone, another outside attention is the launch of the VR Daydream View Google equipment, the Google in VR hardware finally no longer just once in the cardboard box, users more of a choice, that is to use the Daydream View collocation Pixel. And can only be used in conjunction with the Daydream Ready smart phone (for example, Pixel) limit, had to make people feel, this mix is samsung". No Oculus, HTC, Sony in three has been fighting for the fiery host market, but the choice of more civilians, portable head as the threshold is lower significantly in the market, which means that the Google in addition to the face of the market leader Samsung Gear VR, but also face such as storm, for domestic manufacturers of the competition. Although we are the principle from 2 year old Google I O conference that recycled cardboard box. Daydream View is released a very good signal, that is Google and less open, compared to the construction of the era of Android Google VR in the underlying ecological, is closed and slow. Of course, that’s the way it is.相关的主题文章: