One man game sword hero also opened a beauty cagliari exchange

One man game "sword hero" also opened a beauty with "sword hero", who played properly know it was a "true · man of competitive fighting game, the game less girl in a complete mess if hit, that is a beautiful people sought after. Therefore, the sword hero in the male players is really poor, I did not expect is such a true · man game one day there will be a sword goddess selection activities. It is reported that the activity of   today the first day of opening, female participation has the degree of popular game player scare male sword men heart shock game player, the original "sword hero" there are so many female game player in the play, but there are a lot of beautiful! Look at the activities of reward, that is to build the national female game player welfare — as long as the participation of female game player can get a bunch of "fragrant bouquet", of course this is the male game player create a huge hidden benefits — these beautiful female game player will be a surge of exclusive new service in November 11th. In this era of beauty is productivity, the influx of a large number of beauties will drive a lot of game player man into the service, then the wolf howl four amidst the winds of change.   Picture Description: event prizes in fact, the major games, beauty is not uncommon. The "sword hero" in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the game player, also added two special aspects, one is the recently popular YY live, they can contact the YY game player and the game player who beauty zero distance, play games, chat some pleasant small talk, a chance to get forgotten books collection around with a large sword card. Two is an exciting race goddess, the goddess of match, game player can enter the exclusive service to the goddess goddess of flowers few, support their goddess, help her to win the Champions league. 12 years "sword hero" because of the beauty and the man, and will again become bustling! See this new suit!相关的主题文章: