Female students selling fake fat dissolving needle jailed for 1 and a half years asked qualification jiqingwuyuetian

Female students selling fake fat dissolving needle jailed for 1 and a half years asked qualification face – Beijing, a 23 year old female college students apply a to earn extra money, through the WeChat sales fat dissolving needle, but the 29 year old Ms. Stone in fat soluble sales after the injection needle, waist and legs appeared in different degrees the bruising, fester. After identification, Shen fat soluble needle sales is fake, yesterday morning, the application of a trial in Shijingshan court, and the court in the crime of selling counterfeit sentenced to imprisonment for 1 and a half years. Fake fat needle fat necrosis caused by 1993 was born in Shandong, a college student. Yesterday morning, a childish face wearing a Gray Hoodie Shen to appear in court, the parents also arrived from his home in Beijing to attend the case. It is alleged that in September 2014, WeChat will apply a through a box of honey Labelle fat dissolving needle needle to lose weight the sales price of 1300 yuan to the criminal suspect where a (handled separately), where a by WeChat after the drugs sold to the victim Ms. Stone to the price of 1850 yuan. In the absence of any medical qualifications, where a room in Shijingshan, a Fasthotel in the abdomen and legs of Ms. Shi injection, and received an injection fee of 1400 yuan. Later, Ms. Stone was injected with skin infection phenomenon of abscess after liposuction, the diagnosis of fat necrosis, medical expenses of more than 100 thousand yuan, and the degree of injury identified is a minor one. By the Shijingshan District food and Drug Administration identified, Shen, where a sale of honey Labelle fat dissolving needle is fake. Shijingshan procuratorate finds that, where a, Shen suspicion of selling counterfeit crime, caused great harm to the victim and criminal responsibility should be investigated. When the electricity supplier and selling to earn money for the prosecution alleged Shen said recognition, she said sales of fat dissolving needle is to earn pocket money, when asked about his own sales fat dissolving needle quality, curative effect, no side effect, the application of a face: "I am also from a micro business buy, not clear there is no qualification." Shen admitted that he played on the WeChat AD and the use of renderings are online plagiarism, he is not an agent, there is no actual use, do not have business qualifications. That Ms. Shi was injured, Beijing to find someone to a certain, two people went to the hospital to see the stone lady. My parents have been urging me to solve this problem, so after receiving the police call, they accompany me to the police station." Just last month, 29, another defendant who also in the same court trial. Every one said in court, he is by WeChat and Shen know, buy fat dissolving needle was found herself pregnant cannot be used on the transfer on WeChat’s own fat dissolving needle to Ms. stone. Finally, where a Shijingshan court was sentenced to imprisonment in three years and six months, and fined five thousand yuan. After the incident Shen, where each of them to pay 50 thousand Yuan Shi Shi, but did not get an understanding. Ms. Stone has filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit, requires two defendants compensation for medical expenses, lost income, transportation costs 1 million 40 thousand yuan. Two of his relatives attended the trial yesterday as an agent. Shijingshan court held that the prosecution allegations have been set up, the court.相关的主题文章:

500 DK Mito with children to explore the underwater world – Sohu maternal and child icesword

500 DK beauties with their children to explore the underwater world – Sohu mother and child in the first 365 days of the year, they are every day in the world’s top dive site to explore. They found that many people seldom see or not animal, observe their behavior. Their ultimate purpose is to arouse the people to protect the marine environment (including the animal and other sea creatures) consciousness, let people know the importance of protecting the marine environment, marine and strive for better tomorrow. They are diving paradise, scarba Rui (SCUBAZOO) staff, "marine world" involved in the text and pictures are derived from this. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by the ocean, but we don’t know much about the ocean and the sea". How much marine life, we can see from the following description. So far, more than 4000 species of fish have been studied and new species have been discovered. The fish are not all the creatures in the coral reef. Deep into the coral reef, there will be more amazing discoveries. My first dive was in the coral reefs of South East asia. Scarba diving paradise Rui colleagues have given me the guide, from then on, a get out of hand. The impression that a coral is a riot of colours world, in fact it has been shrouded in the clouds: they continue to suffer the threat of destruction by human beings. [exclusive] DK boutique sale 35% off "marine world" "tropical rainforest" DK brand that all genuine, press directly the book price: 128.7 open the book, You’ll see. why is called "Coral Sea rainforest". Because it is not only a wide range of biodiversity, but also vulnerable to rain forests. Greedy and short-sighted man can not see the urgency of the protection of the marine, do not see the necessity of protecting ecosystem fragile coral reefs, and excessive and destructive fishing, marine pollution, coastal development and global warming are threatening the survival of coral. In 1998, the sea water temperature rose, coral around the world so white. In Great Barrier Reef and Thailand, I witnessed the horrors. A large number of dead coral, leaving a pale. Only in Maldives, it is estimated that 80% of the shallow coral death, has not been restored. But this book is not to tell you all these bad news – the new protection plan is being launched, which undoubtedly makes us see the hope. For example, in Malaysia, Sabah established a diving paradise base, Marine Conservation Association, Sabah Park and the local community to work together, to create a protected marine sanctuary in Ocean Park Karan tongsa. Britain and other marine conservation associations are also actively working to change the marine environment. We will spare no effort to support the cause of protecting the sea. I believe that after you read this book, the mystery that will become our friend. Title: "DK underwater world: coral reef and fish’s paradise" published date: October 2016 0相关的主题文章:

Nanjing Forestry University is not serious about learning the real 49 students were discouraging – i www.ddd138.com

Nanjing Forestry University is not serious about learning the real 49 students were discouraging – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Nanjing on October 7th news (reporter Yao Dongming Jiangsu Taiwan reporters Shenyang) according to the voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the Nanjing Forestry University recently released a set of data: the school since the 2014 fall semester issued "undergraduate student management measures", "undergraduate students academic warning and helping measures (Trial)" since, has been to 49 students to "drop out", this data led to a public concern. The reporter then visited several universities, found that because of the "fail the exam" too much, being dropped out of the university students are in the minority, admitted to the University and graduate no longer equate. Nalinda is not good for students to implement the system of discouraging background: in 2011, the school conducted a survey of large data analysis of the students, which is a "fail the exam rate". The results showed that high rate of fail the exam "scary", about 17% to 18%, there are individual students for one semester hang ten course. 2014 "since the implementation of the system, no drop out students’ parents objection, and this period the students fail the exam in the rate of 5%, far below the 2011 data. The reporter to view information that is not the first to nalinda, discouraging students of universities, such as Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, 2013 150 to 2015 three years away. Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics has established undergraduate students elimination mechanism in 2011, the new school year, the school will also grant school manual, which will make to the students’ academic requirements to remind the elimination mechanism to make every student put on the "inhibition". Freshman students money, said: "above you need to write what credits, if not to repair what kind of consequences." Compared with foreign universities and the elimination rate, domestic universities each year less than a hundred "is not high. For example, Germany’s comprehensive university dropout rate of up to 33%. Pan Shunrong, chief executive officer of the dean’s office of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, said that changing the mode of training and improving the quality of talents, the "elimination mechanism" of colleges and universities is imperative. He said that the social requirements for personnel training is getting higher and higher, the ability to request more and more high. The same from the school is also put forward many requirements, vigorously improve the quality of personnel training, school management policy is to adapt to the current trend.相关的主题文章:

Temple No. two, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival to China towards space space station era – Beij 66814

Temple No. two, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival to China towards space space station era – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Jiuquan, September 15 (reporter Li Guoli, Wang Ting) 22 September 15th 04, China’s first truly space lab — Tiangong two, in the Long March two F T2 rocket lifts down to space. The moonlight, northwest of Gobi in the Mid Autumn Festival, pleasant night. The launch tower white Long March two F T2 rocket nestled in the blue lake, quietly waiting for another exciting moment. This is the twelfth flight of the long march F carrier rocket since the implementation of China’s manned space program. Since the launch of Shenzhou 1 in 1999, the Chinese aerospace man step by step toward the space station era. Built in 2020 or so, is the goal of China’s manned space project started when it was set. "30 minutes to prepare!" The voice of zero commander Wang Hongzhi sounded at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center manned space launch site. Wang Hongzhi is China’s manned space launch site system, the fifth zero commander. In the fall of 5 years ago, is in his former password sound, Tiangong-1 opened a space trip. Tiangong two is Tiangong-1’s backup products, using the same experimental class and resource class two class configuration, a total length of 10.4 meters, a maximum diameter of 3.35 meters, the sun has a wingspan of about 18.4 meters, weighs 8.6 tons. "Tiangong two and Tiangong-1’s mission is different." Deputy director of Chinese manned space engineering office, Wu Ping said, "Tiangong two is China’s first truly space lab." Tiangong two tasks including the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft to visit, astronauts completed the medium-term stay; accept one day boat cargo ship visit, verification of propellant addition technology in orbit; carry out space medicine, space science experiments and space technology applications, and maintenance and space station technology verification. "The launch of Tiangong two, the important point is to build China space station key technology verification." Zhou Jianping, chief designer of China’s manned space engineering. The starry sky. The launch site again sounded Wang Hongzhi’s voice: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" 22 04, Long March two F T2 rocket spewing orange plume rise slowly, to the full moon night, added a charming beautiful color. At 22:24, Zhang Youxia commander of the manned space engineering China announced: Tiangong two space lab mission launch success. According to the plan, Tiangong two will be in orbit 393 kilometers above the ground level, respectively, and the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft and one day boat cargo spacecraft rendezvous and docking. Shenzhou eleven will be launched in mid October, the first day of the ship in the first half of next year. This is basically the same as the orbital height of China’s future space station." Said the. Prior to the manned flight and rendezvous docking mission, are in the 343 km from the ground orbit height. "Launch No. two temple is one of the core tasks of space laboratory stage task of the manned space project." Week…相关的主题文章:

The typhoon catfish 27, Taiwan is expected to make landfall on land alert – Beijing gigolos

The typhoon "catfish" 27, Taiwan is expected to make landfall on land alert – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the Taiwan Meteorological Bureau issued a typhoon this morning (Mei Ji, called "catfish") land warning. Weather Bureau predicted that the storm will contact Taiwan land early tomorrow morning, may tomorrow afternoon in Hualian, Taitung at the junction of landing. According to the Taiwan Meteorological Bureau forecast, the storm tomorrow morning will contact Taiwan eastern land, tomorrow afternoon storm center may in Hualian and at the junction of Taitung landing, the storm center is expected at 28 in the morning to the sea, the storm gradually left Taiwan. The weather bureau said today during the day, only the northern and eastern half of intermittent rainfall, with a typhoon approaching, the later the rain is, tomorrow all day and 28 days morning, Maggie is the most obvious effect of Taiwan, Eastern and Northern should prevent heavy rain and strong winds, especially starting tomorrow morning Eastern half of rainfall will increase rapidly. Rainfall in the mountains of southwestern Taiwan and central China will only begin to be significant tomorrow night. According to the Taiwan Meteorological Bureau of the latest Typhoon news, Mei Ji on the morning of 26 11 is located in the southeast of Hualian 620 kilometers east of the sea, 22 kilometers per hour speed toward the West Northwest Road, the storm is gradually close to the eastern half of Taiwan sea.相关的主题文章: