Parents should give children the temperament of ten words and deeds (video) hypersnap-dx

Parents should give children the ten temperament and a good family, a good parent, do not need to give your children leave the 10 acres of land, 10 houses, 10 million yuan deposit, the most important thing is to give them 10 character words and deeds. First, to train children to listen patiently. Today, many people lack of patience, can not listen to other people’s interpretation, always think that their own is the most accurate, the most reasonable, in fact, many cases of personal considerations will be one-sided, to know how to listen to others. Second, very diligently reading. Diligence is to have the habit of reading, learn to read a little time, in the face of difficulties when reading. Fast, fast reading speed, the ability to obtain new information. Third, can communicate with anyone. Do not have good communication skills can not adapt to the reality of society, will lose a lot of personal development opportunities. In family education, the communication between parents and children is very important. Fourth, writing. Writing ability is also a good way of expression and propaganda. Fifth, independent life. This is everyone must have the ability to survive, but also personal life and career must have the basic ability. Sixth, to develop a child’s temperament. Rigorous character is the future of the children with people, respected, people appreciate the most basic character. Seventh, learn how to respect each other and how to be self critical. Eighth, the concept of environmental protection, leaving the next generation a good earth. Ninth, educate and train the people around. Not only know their own learning, reading, and will drive and influence the people around them to learn together, which will give themselves in-depth study to create an ideal environment. Tenth, contact with the outside world. It is an important ability to accept new things, be good at discovering and learning new things. The best education is accompanied by parents相关的主题文章: