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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Every girl dreams to stand out among the crowd on her wedding day. Whether it is jewellery or make up, soon-to-be-married woman would go out of her way to reach for the best option available for her. We are here with the list of famous bridal make-up that a bride can consider for herself. Marriage is perhaps, the most important event in life of a girl. This is one day, when she just not wants to feel good, but wishes to look equally stunning. In short, everything about her attire, including her makeup and clothes, should glam her up and declare her inner sense of happiness to the world. If clothes are something important for a bride, then makeup is just a twin of it. Hence, the right makeup, in alignment with the clothes and jewellery, is very important. Before you invest in your makeup artist, decide your look and get makeup trails to ensure the wedding look of yours, to go with the day. Lets check out the different, popular kinds of bridal make up that a bride can choose from. Clean chic formula If the marriage is happening in summers, and you have chosen a minimalist look for yourself, then the bridal look for you should be to the clean formula. As per this style, the bridal make up will have neutral and balanced shades, which will .plete her makeup minimalist for the wedding, while keeping her look fresh, radiate glow and sophistication. In short, the bridal look should use more of natural pinks and peach colors, if its for the day and slight nudes or browns or bronze for the night. The idea should be to accentuate the best features. Traditional golden girl If your attire is a heavy ensemble, flashing gold and red or any other color in jazzy way, then you have every right to go golden. Gold, red and bronze, should be your colors to radiate your skin and make your wedding trousseau look good on you. Romantic look If romance is in your mind and your clothes also convey the same, then you should choose warm and subdued tones of rosy pink, browns and peach to enhance your beauty. Elegant jewellery and light fresh rosy look will enhance your romantic mood and convey the same, as you walk down the aisle. The ultra glam, sexy look If you decided to walk down like a sexy fashionista and you have a wardrobe to prove your mettle, then you have every right to declare it through your makeup as well. Your makeup should spell glitz and glamour on your big day. Go for a perfectly tied up hair, so that the attention is grabbed maximum by your face and dress. Opt for smoky, kohl laced eyes, and high bronzed cheekbones to give that smoldering look. The highlighting features should be eyes, cheekbones and lips. This with ultra glowing skin will make everyones head turn. Bridal makeup should be eye grabbing, but not eye popping. Hence, decide on your clothes and accessories, before you decide your look for the D day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: