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Qingdao driver hit the elderly after escaping the headlights fragments " screen " out of the driver driver Wang driving a white SUV hit a tricycle elderly escape. Yesterday, reporters from the Development Zone Public Security Bureau police brigade was informed by the police, leaving the scene of the glass pieces locked the suspect vehicle and the use of "electronic eyes" to ferret out the perpetrators. In the morning of 6 am, in the Development Zone Kunlun road and incense Road intersection gas station, a car hit a tricycle after escaping, a more than 60 year old man was injured in. Police found a small amount of glass debris at the scene, judging probably from the headlights of the accident vehicles. The injured said only to see a gray SUV, did not see the license plate. Subsequently, the police retrieved a lot of video around the scene of the accident road, through one by one screening, and repeated comparison of glass fragments after splicing, and ultimately the model of the vehicle identified as gray JAC SUV small cars. After further screening, the vehicle was eventually locked into a car with a license plate number of Lu BJ1xxx. Subsequently, the police inquired the vehicle information and retrieved a large number of bayonet photos, confirmed that the driver is the owner of the car wang. The police then contacted Wang and his family through the telephone, but they were not connected. Police tried to investigate Wang’s recent trajectory, but found nothing. When the case was in trouble, the police found that the vehicle had recently been illegal treatment of vehicles, but the deal is not wang. Police immediately contacted with the illegal handling of the vehicle, let him persuade Wang immediately surrender himself. On the afternoon of November 4th, Wang was forced to surrender himself to the traffic police brigade of the Development Zone under the pressure of the police. Source: Qingdao Morning Post

青岛司机撞老人后逃逸 大灯碎片里"筛"出肇事者   司机王某驾驶灰白色SUV撞伤一名骑三轮车的老人后逃逸。昨日,记者从开发区公安分局交警大队获悉,警方通过现场留下的玻璃碎片锁定嫌疑车辆,又利用“电子眼”揪出肇事者。   10月31日清晨6时许,在开发区昆仑山路与香江路路口的加油站处,一辆汽车撞到三轮车后逃逸,一名60多岁的老人受伤。民警在现场发现少量玻璃碎片,判断很可能来自肇事车辆的大灯。伤者称只看到是辆灰白色SUV,没有看到车牌。   随后,民警调取了事故现场周边道路的大量视频,通过逐一筛选,并反复对比拼接后的玻璃碎片,最终将肇事车辆的型号确定为灰白色江淮牌SUV小型汽车。经过进一步筛查,最终将肇事车辆锁定为一辆车牌号为鲁BJ1xxx的汽车。   随后民警查询了该车的车辆信息并调取了大量卡口照片,确认肇事司机就是这辆车的车主王某。民警随后通过电话联系王某及其家人,但均联系不上。民警试图调查王某近期的活动轨迹但一无所获。就在案件一时陷入困境时,民警发现肇事车辆近期内曾进行过车辆违法处理,但处理人并不是王某。民警随即与这位车辆违法处理人取得了联系,让其规劝王某立即投案自首。   11月4日下午,王某迫于警方压力来到开发区交警大队投案自首。   来源:青岛早报相关的主题文章: