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Health If you’re struggling with fast noticeable muscle gains, you’re not alone. Most body builders have at some point, struggled with similar problems you are going through. Perhaps you’re underweight, or simply can not seem to "get ripped". Either way, if you want to know the quickest way to gain muscle, there is hope. Chances are that you’ve spent several months (and maybe even years) going to the gym, lifting weights, and trying to gain muscle mass but nothing seems to work. You’ve read the articles and have taken advice from top recognized magazines and pros. You’re still not seeing results. Does this mean that your body is simply not equipped to gain muscle? Definitely not. Below are Some Real Tips on How You Can Start To Gain More Muscle: 1. Eat More "Good" Protein – Despite what most people may think, eating tons of red meat and steak will not get you anywhere in the realm of muscle growth. What it will get you is tons of extra flab – which is something you don’t need. Even if you’re underweight, you need to avoid "bad" fatty animal protein as much as possible and stick to healthier sources of protein including nuts, salmon, fish, tuna, chicken, milk, eggs, and beans. 2. No Steroids – Steroids are a big "no-no". For one, they work, but only temporarily. In the long run, they will leave you high and dry because you can not take them forever. If you do, well, you might die because of the long list of negative long-term side effects. There have even been individuals who were so negatively influenced by steroids that they became depressed and .mitted suicide – something you definitely don’t want. 3. Stop Working Out So Much – Did you know that working out more than 3 to 4 days per week will actually deplete your muscles? Also, every weight training session should not been any longer than 45 minutes. The reason? Too much working out acts as cardio and starts burning off not only fat, but using muscle for fuel. The result? A reversed effect. For those who really want to know the quickest way to gain muscle, the ultimate answer is to simply work out, rest until your muscles have recovered (usually 24- 72 hours) and then re train the muscles. 4. Multiply Your Own Hormones Naturally – You can learn how to multiply your body’s natural muscle-growth hormones. The only thing you need to know is what foods to eat, as well as what supplements you should be taking. You can simply find out this information by taking advice from a weight gaining guide. 5. Know What Exercises Work, and What Exercises Do Not – Do you continually find yourself wondering whether what you are doing will get you the body you want? If so, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Instead of taking the time to find a method that really works, you all over the place asking different individuals what they do to gain muscle. What you need to be doing is following one, simple routine with proven results designed to help you build muscle, rather than driving yourself nuts. After you’ve found the quickest way to gain muscle, you’ll literally start building muscle in your sleep. There are even diet tricks out there that will force your body to gain muscle mass all day long. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about gaining fat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: