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Real-Estate As a Virginia broker and Realtor with years of experience assisting clients with all their realty needs, Real Estate America has the expertise and knowledge necessary to help you sell or buy a home or property, no matter how large or small it may be. Real Estate America provides not only traditional, full-service listings, but also flat-fee MLS listings, for those who would rather do the majority of the work themselves. Real Estate America is unique among brokers and Realtors in Virginia in their total .mitment to customer satisfaction. Real Estate America offers a variety of different realty service to suit a wide range of different buyers and sellers.They are capable of addressing any realty need. One way Real Estate America distinguishes itself from other Virginia brokers and Realtors is with its exceptional flat-fee MLS listing service. Flat-fee MLS listing services are a great alternative to full-service realty for cost-conscious sellers, because they provide the bare minimum of real estate service at a drastically reduced price. When you buy a flat-fee MLS listing from your Virginia broker and Realtor, what you get in exchange is a listing in an MLS, or "multiple listing service." An MLS is a database of properties for sale, accessible only to Virginia brokers and Realtors.The advantage to being listed in an MLS is that your property will then be visible to a number of Virginia brokers and Realtors, who will then be able to market your property to interested buyers. The great thing about a flat-fee MLS listing from a Virginia broker and Realtor is that it enables a seller to avoid the difficult task of marketing their home to potential buyers, while still enabling them to retain control of most of the selling process.Fees for flat-fee MLS listings from Virginia brokers and Realtors typically range from five-hundred to five-thousand dollars, plus a three to six-percent .mission paid to whichever Virginia broker or Realtor finds a buyer for the property. This is drastically less expensive than full-service realty. Full-service realty from your Virginia broker and Realtor, while more expensive than a flat-fee MLS listing, is still an excellent value. Full-service realty consists of a suite of different services, en.passing the entire sale process.A full service Virginia broker and Realtor will not only list your home in an MLS, but will show your home to potential buyers, help you negotiate with those buyers, and then help you close with them. This is a great option for sellers who would rather leave the entire process of selling their property in the hands of professionals.Your Virginia broker and Realtor knows exactly how to go about getting the most money out of your sale. Contact Real Estate America for all your Virginia real estate needs. Real Estate America is a Virginia broker and Realtor, capable of providing both full-service and flat-fee listings. For more information, visit Real-EstateAmerica. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: