Rich era ten winning streak to send the first day of the Jingdong card reached 125 people pr011.msi

"Millionaire" era ten straight send card Jingdong on the first day and 125 reached in September 7th, the Asian all star strategy Mobile Games "millionaire era" opened a ten game winning streak to send 600 yuan Jingdong card "activities, from September 7th to September 21st 24, as long as the master channel continuous ten consecutive wins 100% get 600 yuan or 3950 of the value of the Jingdong card props. 24 hours, there are more than 300 thousand of the players involved in the event, including a total of 105 players reached a strategic success of the game winning streak of ten. The famous game beauty commentary Su Xiaoyan on the first day, unfortunately stopped at 7. Let’s go and see a Su Xiaoyan video game video. Congratulations to Su Xiaoyan "reached 10 straight game player that millionaire age" teach you skills, use the cards as famous games beauty commentary Su Xiaoyan era "passion" is a millionaire game player, yesterday to participate in activities in the last 7 games regret. But Su Xiaoyan also recorded a commentary video again, and share her experience with the game, some of the skills of the use of cards. "Millionaire" era is a millionaire classic games based on the game, but the game is not simple, 54 skill card want to pick out 9 pieces of cover and contain everything, skills appropriate own card, grasp their usage, is a tricky thing oh. You have your own ideas, ten in a row is not what is so difficult to overcome the fortress. Game beauty video game commentary commentary Su Xiaoyan Su Xiaoyan in the game card group 24 hours more than 2 million game, 125 game player reached 10 straight game achievement in the open 24 hours, according to official statistics, ten consecutive activity has more than 300 thousand game player participation, there have been more than 2 million game. Among them, 125 strategic experts but fortunately did not expect to get a winning streak of ten. Lucky to say, won ten consecutive games also need some luck; not surprisingly, they said the game character, dice, skill configuration and competition strategy have reached a very high level. The 125 game player among the 121 people choose the value of 3950 yuan of game props, 4 chose 600 yuan Jingdong card, seems to have become a master of the game for the game of their enthusiasm remains high, determined to create higher achievement in the game. Unfortunately, there are 1902 players stopped in the 9 straight game, the players fell in the 8 game winning streak, and they pass the prize in the past 5391. But it does not matter, the activity has just begun, players have plenty of time to win the event. Even without a ten game winning streak, is also a good gift to send ten straight channel is the master field, have a certain foundation in September 21st 24 at the end of the game, more looking forward to September 21st 24, is "rich times" first ten in a row to send 600 yuan card Jingdong activity over time. But this is just the beginning of the event, the future of rich times there will be more and more interesting, affordable activities are waiting for everyone! Of course, what is just the second prize, the rich era, the sense of competition and fun is the game hope to bring to everyone, I hope everyone can be happy in the game. "Rich man"相关的主题文章: