Samsung’s acquisition of VIV, more powerful than Siri, although the same team development tda7294

The acquisition of Samsung Viv, more powerful than the Siri, although the development of the same generation AI team [editor’s note] Samsung recently announced the acquisition of AI assistant system of Viv company concern, because the co-founder of the company is "Siri" the father of DAG Kate Ross (Dag Kittlaus), Adam (Adam Cheyer) and Chris Schell (Chris Brigham) – brigham. Apple Corp in 2010 after the acquisition of Siri, the three left apple, founded in 2012, Viv. Viv is said to be more scalable and more powerful than Siri. Samsung’s acquisition of Viv’s purpose is not just to use it on the phone. After being acquired by Samsung, Viv will continue to operate as an independent company to provide services for Samsung and its platform. AI generation (micro signal: tencentAI) for you to uncover the veil of Viv, as well as its value to samsung. Viv the two pillars of Viv has two pillars, one is the relationship of the other virtual assistants, such as Siri, is just beginning to allow different applications and services between each other "exchange of information", which users link in the chain of command, and with the mutual connection, users can use a more close to the human way of talking, complex dialogue and equipment. Second, the Viv backend system has the characteristics of programming. Viv said that the use of procedural synthesis achieved breakthrough, its AI can write their own code, to complete the new task. This self built software has been put into use in many other vertical areas, but in the AI field, Viv is one of the first companies to make a big impact on the use of this technology. Viv calls it a "dynamic programming generation," which allows Viv to understand the user’s intent to create a program to handle the task at any time, even if it has never heard of a particular task. "You don’t need to write all the code, you just need to describe what you want it to do," Kate Ross said. "The whole idea of Viv is that developers can create whatever they want." Viv why Samsung’s? Kate Ross left apple, wrote an article called "Siri" is just the beginning, he later wrote in an article, AI may be a "Cambrian explosion", let AI provide the impetus for many of the existing system and the new system. Talking about the reason why Samsung Viv input, Kate Ross said Samsung because it is everywhere". Later, he explained: "they ship 500 million units a year…… So I said Samsung products everywhere. We want to expand the coverage of Viv, when we found that Samsung and our vision fit so high, our core technology can have when coverage so much, we feel it is time to partner with Samsung." How will it improve Samsung’s situation? Samsung in the high-end smartphone market and Apple launched a fierce competition. As a manufacturer, Samsung may only be able to bring pressure on Apple’s competitors.相关的主题文章: