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5 Reasons Why Self Publishing A Book Is An Awesome Idea By: varun | Sep 22nd 2015 – On the road to subtleness, clenched into the messy traffic jam surrounded by the vehicles of authors, writers, traditional publishers, media houses all honking simultaneously for attention, getting recognized and reaching your destination is a herculean job Tags: Self-publishing The New Hero By: Publishers in India for New Writers | Dec 2nd 2014 – Indians young and old are writing more than ever. The increasing literacy and exposure is leading to more Indians writing blogs, articles and books. It"��s like an explosion and the only release for this explosion were the traditional publishing houses, in a very small way the radio or TV or the large screen. Until now. Tags: How To Achieve Writing & Publishing Goals? By: WilsonJohnSmith | Sep 19th 2013 – Several authors & writers dream about self-publishing a book, but only few of them are able to fulfill them, and out of these also, only few get the success. You might also be one amongst those, who wish to self publish the book. But how far do you think that you will be able to achieve it? If you have any doubt or do not k … Tags: What Should An Author Consider Before Self-publishing? By: Nanice Ellis | Aug 8th 2013 – A great checklist of what to look for in a self publisher and to determine if self publishing is for you. Tags: Book Exhibits: Gateway To Self-publishing Success By: Don Harold | Jul 17th 2013 – Engaging yourself into self-publishing industry is getting involved with opportunities which bring you to its sensation Tags: Book Clubs In The Self-publishing Industry: Are You In Or Out? By: Don Harold | Jun 26th 2013 – As self publishing has be.e the trend among aspiring writers in the world; option like book club has heightened their interests. Publishing a book is interesting especially if authors consider discussing their books among the others in the line. Tags: Steps To Self-publishing A Book By: Don Harold | Jun 12th 2013 – Most people think that when an author shifts into self-publishing a book and takes control of every single gist along with the process, everything so simple. Tags: Self Publishing – An Effective Marketing Tool To Attract Millions Of Readers By: Jason McCaffery | May 3rd 2013 – Self publishing is preferred by most authors, because it has shown proven results. Many authors received enormous profit with self publishing. If you are planning hit the market by publishing your book, definitely a self publishing can help you to achieve your life time goal. Tags: Authors Endorse The Self-publishing Of Books By: Alice Copper | Apr 29th 2013 – Obtaining a traditional book publishing contract is not only very hard for an author, but it also requires the writer to give up some rights to the work. Self-publishing, on the other hand, allows the author to retain their rights, and more profit. It is a great way to make the book available to likely readers. Tags: Ways To Make Money With Kindle By: Cody Getty | Apr 6th 2013 – Kindle self publishing has given e-book authors fresh chances to make cash. Amazon’s electronic ebook reader is the most best-selling one, which means the Amazon kindle ebook publishing choice is extremely rewarding. A number of straightforward methods will help you earn with Kindle self publishing. You can depend on a va … Tags: Make Money From Kindle Self Publishing By: Cody Getty | Apr 3rd 2013 – Kindle self publishing has provided book writers unique possibilities to make money. Amazon’s portable ebook reader is easily the most best-selling one, meaning that the Kindle ebook publishing choice is extremely lucrative. Many simple methods will allow you to make money with Amazon kindle do it yourself publishing. You … Tags: A Guide On Choosing The Best Self Publishing .panies By: Alice Copper | Feb 11th 2013 – There are just so many self publishing .panies out there that claim to work in your best interests, and offer you the highest royalties in the industry today. But you need consider various factors before making a choice. Read on to know how you can choose the right self publishing .pany to print your books. Tags: Print-on-demand For Self Publishing By: Tariq | Jul 3rd 2012 – Self publishing – Your one stop solution for Book publishers, Print-on-Demand. Our Book Publishing .panies service give chance to be.e a author Tags: Can Self-publishing Services Give You Expected By: Cory Larson | May 4th 2012 – Are self-publishing services affordable or worthy for you? To get the answer to this question read on further"�� Tags: The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – Part One By: Tony Lord | Mar 22nd 2012 – The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – How to set about writing and selling an on-line publication. Then how to get your reader’s attention to make a sale. Tags: The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – Part Two By: Tony Lord | Mar 17th 2012 – The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – This second part in the series looks at how you get from a manuscript to a print-on-demand book ready for your readers to snap up. Tags: The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – Part Three By: Tony Lord | Mar 8th 2012 – The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – This third part in the series looks at how you publicize your new online book and get the buzz going to make sales. Tags: Self-publishing Software For Inspired Writers By: Darlene Barnes | Feb 6th 2012 – Advances in .puter technology have made it easier for inspired writers to self-publish their work. Not only can they use software to design and format their books, but by smartly using web pages and Internet social media, they can market and sell them as well. Tags: Self Publishing Tips For Any Writer By: Mike Little | Nov 5th 2011 – The world of publishing has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. You no longer need to be a Stephen King of John Grisham to write a bestseller and earn a six or even seven figure yearly in.e. And it’s all thanks to self publishing. This year alone a good handful of self published authors have outsold some of t … Tags: What Is The First Step Of Self Publishing By: Earma Brown | Aug 24th 2011 – Do you know the first step in self publishing your book? If not, this is the article for you. First of all, congratulations on finishing your book! Wel.e to the circle of successful self starters. You’ve made a good decision to publish your book yourself. Tags: Self-publishing Will Kill Your Reputation As A Quality Author By: Kristen Eckstein | Jul 1st 2011 – Self-publishing–a term often confused, skewed by greedy vanity publishing .panies, and a stigma to the entire publishing industry. What do you think when you hear, "��I am self-published?"�� Tags: What Does Self Publishing Look Like To Book Buyers? By: Tammy D. Pruitt | Oct 7th 2010 – Because of the inflow of such publications, self-publishing is now turning out to be a widespread home phrase. Several book authors are targeting independence with regards to publishing textbooks. Tags: Self Publishing Checklist For Those Just Starting Out By: Tammy D. Pruitt | Oct 5th 2010 – Self-publishing is a practice whenever a writer or author chooses to publish his or her own book. He or she is deciding to not utilize third-party publishers and options for this. Tags: The Evolution Of Literature Has Be.e Self Publishing By: Tammy D. Pruitt | Oct 4th 2010 – As always, writing a book or content for the very first time might facilitate baptism of fire. Being into self-publishing preparations can really turn out to be a very difficult decision to make. Tags: Making An Annual In.e Each Month With Self-publishing By: Tammy D. Pruitt | Oct 3rd 2010 – Seeking to our economy, even though it’s upside down, many of the authors still made the decision to start in self-publishing of their guide. Most of the authors publish their own book because not being satisfied in their chosen traditional publisher. Tags: Why Self Publishing Might Be The Best Thing You Can Do By: Tammy D. Pruitt | Sep 26th 2010 – In conventional publishing, the publisher might make the expenses and also the author wouldn’t have to be concerned about it. However with self-publishing, the author would to shoulder the expenditures. Currently, a book could be produced with up to $5000. Tags: A Refreshing Alternative To Self Publishing By: David Rogers | Sep 7th 2010 – Writing a book can certainly be challenging, not to mention finding a publisher who will accept your manuscript and invest time and money publishing your book. Therefore it is no wonder that in recent years, the self-publishing industry has boomed significantly. Rather than face rejection after rejection from t … Tags: How Self Publishing Saved My Life By: Ronnie Lee | Apr 13th 2010 – Imagine the relief and personal satisfaction that sets in when you over.e a life’s hurdle and the change in feelings that occur when a book you have toiled to write is finally published. Tags: Self-publishing Success: How You Can Earn $30,000 A Month With Pod Publishing By: Gang Chen | Apr 11th 2010 – Turn to self-publishing, publish your own book, your own way… Tags: Self Publishing Tips By: Jay A. Jenkin | Mar 26th 2010 – If you’re a first-time novelist, photographer, or cookbook author, you may be tired of shopping your text to major publishing houses without any guarantee of your text being read, let alone accepted. In recent years, more and more authors have turned to self-publishing as a way to retain .plete control over the creative a … Tags: 10 Quick Tips For A Successful Self-publishing Career By: Jake Olvido | Mar 3rd 2010 – BookWhirl.. features tips on how to plan out for a successful self-publishing career. Tags: The Perpetual Perks Of Self-publishing By: Jake Olvido | Feb 17th 2010 – The edge of self-publishing over traditional publishers. Tags: Clickbank Makes Self Publishing Easy By: Allan Tan | Nov 16th 2009 – Learn how to start make money online by self publish at ClickBank. Tags: Deciphering Matters On Recession And The Self-publishing Industry By: Jake Olvido | Sep 16th 2009 – An in-depth analysis on the present economic condition and the flourishing self-publishing industry. Tags: Self Publishing With Klatcher A New Way To Grow Big For Self Publishers By: Philippe | Jul 27th 2009 – For the serious online self-publisher, attracting and maintaining an interested audience can take nearly as much time as creating the project itself. Klatcher.. offers a new media technology that streamlines promotion so allows a creator to focus on creating and know that Klatcher is efficiently and effectively optimizing … Tags: How To Make Money Self-publishing A Book By: Charlie C Williams | Aug 2nd 2008 – Article discusses issues and details the process of how to make money by self-publishing a book. The critically .ponents of the process covered. Tags: Shaking Up The Big Boys: Self-publishing Is Here To Stay By: Jen Narron. | Oct 4th 2007 – The Times, my friends, they certainly are changing… that’s how the song goes. And that statement was never more true than in the world of self-publishing. Almost from the beginning, self-publishing was an option, but not one that was .monly used. The "accepted" method of getting your book into print was to cart it ar … Tags: Successful Self-publishing-february 2007 By: terence | Feb 18th 2007 – Self Publishing is a challenging task for many authors. All the hard work put in by the author to bring her book to shape is just the tip of the iceberg. She has to then find a trusted printer to print her books. This can go haywire if the right procedures are not followed. The hardest part will be to get the … Tags: Zero Cost Self Publishing And How To Get It By: Steve Manning | Oct 22nd 2006 – Self publishing can actually cost you little or nothing! In fact, if you’re paying to self-publish your book, you’re missing out on an incredibly valuable resource to make your book a winner. Tags: Book Marketing 101 By: dave4 | Jul 20th 2006 – The most .mon mistake people make when self publishing their books is to ignore marketing until it is too late. Tags: Self Publishing, A Miracle Of The 21st Century. By: Josephine Stungger | May 11th 2006 – Are you a writer with lots of talent but no one will give you the time of day let alone a contract? Would you pay a professional publisher to make your book but can’t afford it? Do you need a better tool than your plain old word processor to make your work look more professional and desirable? Do you possess special knowled … Tags: Aunt Jane Willed Her Screenplays To Me. What Can I Do With Them? By: Matthew Evans | Mar 25th 2006 – Free the story trapped in a format indecipherable by most. Have a ghostwriter rewrite the script into a manuscript, ready for self-publishing and self-promoting. 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